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Pokémon Eternal Love: PokéShipping

by AbbieEeveelutions

AbbieEeveelutions Ash and Misty always wanted to be together ever since they met on the bus on the way to Sinnoh High. Join Ash and Misty as they face the world together!
Chapter 1: Love At First Sight
~Ash's P.O.V.~
I tossed and turned in my bed with Pikachu as I thought about Misty. Will I ever meet her again? Worries fill my stomach as I started thinking about her. She's always wanted to be a gym leader for a Water-Type gym, I thought. Then memories started flashing back.
~Earlier that day~
I woke up to my alarm clock and woke up, with Pikachu on my should as the usual. I took a quick bath, brushed my teeth, combed my black raven locks into place, and then put on my clothes. I grabbed my backpack and grabbed my chocolate Poptart from the toaster and ran to the bus, still eating my Poptart. The bus made a screeching noise, and stopped. I found a front seat, and sat next to the window. The bus took off to the next bus stop, near a beautiful house that was all shades of blue. A girl with orange hair and a small ponytail sticking out holding a Togepi ran to the bus, finishing her strawberry Poptart. She went to my seat and said,
"Um, may I sit here?"
"Sure, thing."
"Thank you."
"No problem."
"Anyways, what's your name?"

"What a beautiful and adorable name!"
"Thank you!"
Misty was the most beautiful girl that I had ever met in my whole life! I thought. Then Pikachu nuzzled my shoulders with his soft, nuzzling, red happy cheeks. I giggled softly.
"Pikachu, you're the best Pokémon partner I have ever had!"

I sat next to Misty, she blushed at me and giggled. I heard her giggling though. I looked out the window, daydreaming about the future. I daydreamed about me proposing to her on a date night at Crystal Shores, a beach where my mom, my dad, and I had our family vacations and picnics. The ring was gold, with diamonds sparkling like crystals. I started giggling and blushing in my mind. I bent down on one knee and said,
"Misty, will you marry me?"

"Yes, Ash! Yes!"
I felt lovesick inside. But worried that she might think I'm nuts. I mean, we just met! When we got there, we waved goodbye and hoped to see each other again at school. Before school started, I sat down to have a meeting with Professor Oak at Sinnoh High Café, the school's café. Principal Rowan, aka Professor Rowan, founder, principal, and professor of Sinnoh High recently made the café have free food. Pikachu begged me to get him some ketchup, so I did. And I'll tell you, Pikachu loves ketchup. I thought it was weird, until we became best buddies. I ordered a Reese's Cup Peanut Butter Chocolate Frappuccino and a S'mores Chocolate Bar. I sat down at a table and grabbed some sugar and Chocolate Crunch Candy Bars and waited for Professor Oak. Then Professor Oak came in and ordered and a Butter Croissant. He sat down with me and we started chatting, drinking, eating, you name it! Then we talked about Misty, then I started to feel REALLY lovesick. I swooned and beamed about Misty, and Professor Oak just looked at me and thought I was real crazy and nuts. Then he started laughing and I did too.
"You had a daydream about you, going to Crystal Shores, and proposing to Misty?"
"Yeah! What's wrong about it?"
"Pika! Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!
Pikachu just lost it! He burst out laughing that he squirted ketchup all over himself. I grabbed some napkins and wiped him. Then I left to go to class.

~Misty's P.O.V.~
That night I thought about Ash. All I can think of was Ash. Ash. Ash. Togepi was there by my side, thinking with me. I sighed. I wonder if we can meet each other again, I thought.
~Earlier that day~
I woke up, I got ready, grabbed my backpack, and got my strawberry Poptart out of the toaster. I picked up Togepi and ran to the bus when I realized that I almost forgot her, and found a seat. There was a boy, with raven black locks, and a Pikachu.
"Um, may I sit here?"
"Sure, thing."

"Thank you."
"No problem."

"Anyways, what's your name?"
"What a beautiful and adorable name!"

"Thank you!"
I couldn't believe it. Maybe I did find true love. All this time I was searching for a boy, now the search is over! I blushed and giggled at him. Togepi was messing with me for fun, in a cute way, saying that I like Ash in Pokémon language. I giggled and blushed. When we got there, we waved goodbye, and hoped to see each other again. I went down to the pond nearby at Sinnoh High Gardens and saw Magikarp, Goldeen, you name it! Togepi was there by my side, as always. I lied down, thinking about Ash. But worried that my ex-boyfriend, Tracey would get mad. But there's the chance to ignore him, I mean, we broke up a long time ago! We're no longer dating, anyways. I went to Sinnoh High Café, the school's café. Principal Rowan, aka Professor Rowan recently announced Sinnoh High Café will have free food! Principal Rowan is the founder of this high school, principal of this high school since he "found" it, and the Sinnoh region's professor. I ordered a Cookies and Cream Frappuccino and a Oreo Chocolate Bar and found a seat by the window. I sipped my Frappuccino and ate my chocolate bar thinking about Ash. Just Ash. Well for the most time I thought about my Frappuccino and my chocolate bar though.

Anyways, the bell rung and I headed straight to class.

Chapter 2: The Date
~Ash's P.O.V.~
The next day was Saturday, and I woke up and got ready as the usual. I opened my closet and looked for some good-looking clothes. I grabbed my "new" tuxedo my parents got me from last Christmas. It was fanciest of all my clothes in my closet. It was black and white like penguins and Oreos, but instead of a plain black bow, a red, shiny leather bow was placed on the white ruffly up and down shirt with black buttons. I buttoned my shiny, clean black leather jacket and polished it with leather polish. I buttoned my shiny black leather pants and tied my fancy black and white shoes and brushed my raven black locks into place, grabbed Pikachu and dressed him up in the fanciest tuxedo I could find that fit him, and left eating a chocolate Poptart. I got a rare blue rose from my garden and tied a ribbon to it and signed it. It said something like this:
Dear Misty,
You're the sweetest girl I ever met yesterday. This rare blue rose matches beautifully with the water, and water is your favorite Pokémon type, of course. I'm going to give you a Squirtle, and I hope you'll like her! Plus, will you be my girlfriend?
Love, Ash

Ok, so I recently caught a female Squirtle that I wanted to give to Misty. so I sent her in her Dive Ball and when she opens the Dive Ball, she'll totally flip out but in a good way! I went to Romantic Dinner Dates and waited for her to come. As she came in, she was beautiful! She wore a designer dress with all the shades of blue, ruffles, glitter, gemstones, sweetheart neckline, you name it! The shoes were Cinderella glass slipper shoes and she wore sapphire and aquamarine jewelry, and a blue gemstone glitter tiara on top of her orange shoulder-length hair that was down. She sat down at me and blushed unstoppably.
"Hi Misty. You look like Cinderella, but the most beautiful one ever!"

"Anyways, here's your gift, I hope you like it!"
"Aww...so sweet! A rare blue rose from your garden? You're the best, Ash!"
"Now press the button of the Dive Ball!"
"Squirtle, Squir!"
"*gasps* Oh my gosh! It's a Squirtle! Thank you Ash!

"And it's a female, too!"
"Thanks a bunch!"

"Wait, wait's this ribbon with all the shades of blue and a note doing here?
"It's a love ribbon and note! Also will you be my girlfriend?"

"Of course I will!"
"Togepi! Toge!"
I can't believe she said yes! I died inside but in a good way!!! Yay! Then we read the menu to see what we should order. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, but with a twist, butter and ham! Misty ordered the Ultimate Grand Supreme All-You-Can-Eat Fish Buffet. Wow, that's good, too. I thought. Then we chatted and discussed some random stuff, and then the food was brought in! It was soo good! Then we had our first kiss, wow it was soon and then went home, hoping for another date sometime again.

  1. BLOO Muffin
    BLOO Muffin
    I usually ship May and Ash but I also like Misty and Ash Pokeshipping
    Apr 1, 2015
  2. Ghostly-Hedgehog
    Poptarts make every thing better!!!! :love::love::love:
    Mar 25, 2015