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Pokemon Emerald Stories: Pokemon Emerald Stories

by PokeTrainerEmerald

PokeTrainerEmerald Pokemon Emerald Stories is about Emerald's Journey through Hoenn with his rivals and best friends to become the champion and to stop evil in the world.
Pokemon Emerald Stories

*Welcome to the world of Pokemon in the Pokemon world there is many regions some discovered and some not but even with that The world is amazing and special trainers.... but we aren't talking about them we are talking a about a trainer named Emerald he lives in the hoenn region he has lived there his whole life being the son of a high ranked gym leader people expected him to be a strong trainer but he does not want to be a Pokemon trainer he wants to work for the Devon corporation being the largest corporation tied with the sylph co. but he is not the only kids leaving town but also prof. Birch's sons Ruby and Sapphire who want to be trainer the three of them are best friends well enough of that lets get to the story!*