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Pokémon Ember and Freeze: Pokemon Ember and Freeze- #001-#003- Fawdge, Derntomp, and Staegarove

by Cryronn the Mudkip

IMG_0332.jpeg IMG_0331.jpeg IMG_0330.jpeg
Cryronn the Mudkip Uh-huh, so yeah, these are redraws.
So basically the idea was-

I really wanted to draw better looking Pokemon. I wanted them to FEEL more like Pokemon. And so, I decided that I would be remaking the Pokedex! Tell me in the comments if you wanna be pinged whenever I post! This region is based on the Pacific Northwest, set in the Vestis Region!

This is the line of Fawdge, Derntomp, and Staegarove, with the last two previously named Deeburomp and Megaloflorash. I feel like they're a lot smoother. They are based on an extinct megafaunal herbivore called the Megaloceros, or the Giant Ice Age Deer. They had absolutely massive antlers, and were very solidly built, so I wished to reflect that here! These are the most defensive starters besides Chesnaught, and boast a considerable amount of survivability!

Fawdge (Fawd-jje)
The Fawn Pokemon
Grass Type
Abilities- Overgrow, Stalwart (Halves damage taken from neutral damage moves)
Fawdge live very sparsely, populated in scattered forests. They are known to be herbivores, and are quite avoidant to any kind of battling, at least without the influence of trainers. However, when raised, a competitive spirit is fostered in them, and they can become some of the most loyal companions of any Pokemon.

Derntomp (Dern-tomp)
The Antler Pokemon
Grass Type
Abilities- Overgrow, Stalwart
Derntomp carry upon their backs a pelt of mixed foliage, that has fused with their biology to become a furry pelt. This pelt comes from the plant matter they consume, and they often display them proudly. Derntomp that are not fed unprocessed plant matter tend to lack these pelts. These pelts are often shaven off and sold as decorative rugs, but this Pokemon feels no pain from it, and can always grow another one.

Staegarove (Stay-gah-rove)
The Great Antler Pokemon
Grass and Fighting Type
Abilities- Overgrow, Stalwart
Staegarove are truly massive Pokemon, with extremely solid bodies able to protect from most direct damage. They, unlike the Fawdge they naturally evolve from, these Pokemon are duelists, fighting with their extremely large antlers over territory and sometimes... just for fun! These Pokemon have been seen knocking out Tyranitars in one kick.

Signature Move-
Floral Fission
Type: Grass - Base Power: 150 - Accuracy: 100% - Physical
A brutal splitting attack using both of the Pokemon's antlers, swinging straight up into the opponent in a single tear. Lowers attack stat after usage.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed! Ask me in the comments if you wanna be tagged, and if you have any ideas for the region! As always, have a good day!

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  1. Cryronn the Mudkip
    Cryronn the Mudkip
    @Gamingfan I’m just exposing the Pokédex for not knowing about type matchups...
    Jul 22, 2021
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  2. Gamingfan
    "Tyranitar cannot be hurt by any sort of attack." said the pokedex.

    "Lol" said Staegarove. "Lmao."
    Jul 22, 2021
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