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Pokémon Elemental Warriors: Magical Adventure (Episode Set)

by CheerfulSteekip

CheerfulSteekip An (incomplete) episode list for the roleplay-to-series.
Here is the list of episodes in the series version of the roleplay (So far, this is from the Kanto Act up to the Pewter Gym Challenge; note that titles will change overtime):

Episode 1: I Choose You!
Episode 2: The First Step of Following our Dreams!
Episode 3: The Promise
Episode 4: Pokemon Emergency
Episode 5: Meeting More Friends
Episode 6: The First Battle
Episode 7: Bugged Out!
Episode 8: Let's Go! Fairy of the Nature Dragon!
Episode 9: Challenge of the Samurai
Episode 10: Pewter Museum Chaos-Part One
Episode 11: Pewter Museum Chaos- Part Two
Episode 12: The First Gym Challenge
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