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Pokemon DP Orgins Ep.6: Steaming the Pastora Gym!

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss In Pastora City, Adrian needs to Defeat Gardenia for His 2nd Gym Badge!
Finally, In Pastora City, Adrian wants to Challenge the Gym Leader! First, Adrian and Dawn went to the Pokemon Center and healed all His Pokemon. Then they went out of the Pokemon Center. A Trainer just swooped down from a Tree again. It's Azure again. This Time, She didn't ask for a Rematch, She wished Adrian Good Luck! Then they got into The Gym. A Famous One again with a Crowd. It was a 3 on 3 Battle. Against Gardenia. "You're Ready to Lose, Adrian, because now, You should go away, Crying in the Pokemon Center!" Then Adrian got REAL MAD! "Oh, You're the one who's gonna go away and Cry in the Pokemon Center!" Then Gardenia chose her pokemon. "Sceptile, Let's Shine!" It's Obvious what Adrian was gonna choose. "Infernape, I Choose You!" Fire Type Moves are Super Effective against Grass Types. The Referee started the Battle. "BEGIN!" Sceptile used Rock Slide, A Super Effective Move on Fire Types. Then Infernape used Fire Punch. The Rocks were falling. Unfortunately, Infernape's So Fast, He dodged all of the rocks and the Last One, He Jump On and Hit Fire Punch on Sceptile. Sceptile was also Burned! Sceptile had to take the Risk because ONLY The Challenger could Substitute Pokemon. Infernape finished Sceptile Off with Flamethrower. Sceptile Fainted! Gardenia's Next Pokemon was Garchomp. Again, Infernape used Fire Punch. It was like Garchomp felt nothing. Then Garchomb used Dragon Claw and Infernape Fainted. Adrian sent out Staraptor. Staraptor used Dragon Pulse and Garchomp fainted RIGHT THERE! Then, Her Last Pokemon was............ Golem. Golem used Rock Wrecker and finished Staraptor. Then, The Last Choice was Riolu. Adrian was depending on Riolu for his 2nd Gym Badge. Golem had some damage by Recoil. Then, Riolu used Power Up Punch and it was Super Effective! Riolu used Aura Sphere and Golem just used Rock Wrecker. Aura Sphere overpowered Rock Wrecker and Hit Golem. Golem fainted! Adrian won his 2nd Gym Badge! "Not Bad, Rookie. You've showed me Bravery today and here's your Gym Badge!" Adrian was so exited that he fainted. As they got out, Azure came outta Nowhere! "When we meet again, I want a Rematch!" Adrian excepted. As the journey continues.
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  1. Adrian2AMBoss
    Look. Anything can happen in Pokemon! Just like Other Gym Leaders can use Other Types. It doesn't matter what you think! Basically, If I wanna Write something, I write it! I only did that because I don't have 6 Pokemon. and the Fact that I didn't know her pokemon! Sometimes you gotta go with it.
    Sep 28, 2014
  2. NocturnalNetwork
    Staraptor using Dragon Pulse. Grass leader using Dragon-, Rock- and Ground-types. Golem using Rock Wrecker. Just...no words.
    Sep 28, 2014