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Pokemon DP Orgins Ep.5: Catching a Staraptor

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss As our heroes head on to The Next Gym, Adrian encounters a Staraptor who takes a Liking to him.
Adrian & Dawn are still going through Route 2. They cannot bare to stay in Route 2 because of Wild Pokemon and Trainers to Battle. Then, Just right there was a Staraptor! It was flying High in the sky waiting to be caught. Then Adrian really wanted to catch a Pokemon on Route 2. Although, The Staraptor had a Problem. When Adrian realized something was going on, He followed it to the Situation! It was Team Rocket. Jessie & James were battling people so they can take their Pokemon! Then RULE THE SINNOH REGION! Adrian knew this couldn't happen. So He battled Team Rocket with Dawn & Staraptor. Adrian took out Empoleon. Adrian knew Team Rocket was gonna Use Fire Types. And Yet, They did. James used Charmeleon and Jessie chose Torkoal. Empoleon used Hydro Pump on Charmeleon and Piplup did Bubble Beam on Torkoal. Staraptor helped out, too. Staraptor used Brave Bird on Charmeleon and Torkoal. Then, Staraptor did a Weird Move, Dragon Pulse on Both Charmeleon and Torkoal. Dragon Pulse was So Powerful, It blew Team Rocket away! Staraptor was Very Happy Team Rocket gone away. Then, Adrian and Dawn gave All the Trainers their Pokemon. Then, Staraptor wanted to be Adrian's Pokemon. So Adrian threw a Pokemon At Staraptor and Staraptor was Caught! Adrian was Happy that he caught Staraptor. As The Journey Continues.