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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fanfiction: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fanfiction Episode 5: Rocking the Oreburgh Gym!

by PokeMario

As our heroes enter Oreburgh City, Lucas anticipates his first gym battle again. However, the gym appears to be closed because the Gym Leader isn't there! The gym director says that the gym leader, Roark, is in Oreburgh Mine and is lost. Our heroes go into the mines and meet Roark. Roark says that he was training his Cranidos and trying to make it evolve, but it was reluctant. Our heroes follow Roark to the Oreburgh gym, and Lucas begins his first gym battle! Lucas selects Chimchar, and Roark selects Geodude, Chimchar uses Ember on Geodude, and Geodude is knocked out! Lucas switches out Chimchar for Staravia, and uses it to attack Roark's Onix. Staravia uses Wing Attack on Onix, and Roark decides to switch to his last Pokemon, Cranidos! Lucas sends out Shinx, and Cranidos is easily defeated! Roark gives Lucas the Coal Badge, and Roark tells them that the next gym is in Eterna City. Our heroes leave the city, and their next gym battle is on the horizon!