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Pokemon Creepypasta

by AshleePlays535

AshleePlays535 Slash
(Warning if this is too much blood and gore for you I'm sorry but just don't read this)
It was about time I got Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire but hard thing is I didn't know which one to pick first. I decided to play Omega Ruby first but it already had a saved location. "I guess I'll have to restart the game" I said before turning off my 2DS. When I restarted the game I picked a girl and of course my rival would be a boy. Then I chose my Starter it was a Treecko. I know they would have mega evolutions so Treecko I thought was the best one. When I got 2 badges already in route 5 I found a Shiny Absol out of nowhere and Absols aren't even in Route 5. I squealed and I caught the Absol naming it Slash. Slash was a level 15 which is a good one but I just noticed the types they weren't existing types Blood type and White type "What the hell does that mean?!" I yelled at the 2DS. "Absols are supposed to be Dark and Normal type aren't they?!". I yelled again. Then I battled with Slash his moves were normal except for one. Blood Leech I was scared of using it because I knew what it would do. After I defeated my opponent I went to Pokemon Amie to play with Slash as usual his figure was normal I pet his head and 10 hearts came out of him. "Wait 10 hearts? Only 4 or 3 hearts are supposed to come out of Pokemon". At least he loved me so that's a good sign. I wondered what the circle thing on Slashes head is. I suppose Absol doesn't like when you pet it there. I pet the circle thing and Slash actually liked it! "WHAT!?!?!?" I yelled back. After that I just dealt with it walking around with Slash was actually fun! Every time someone came to my house and made fun of Slash for being red I would always punch them or let Slash decide for me what to do somehow me and Slash were connected. Slash had a bond that I have never had before a strong bond then when we challenged Wattson the electric Gym Leader I sent out Slash as usual then a box appeared at the bottom saying "Slash wants to play with you". I freaked out like it would haunt me forever then after we beat the gym leader the box said "Slash wants to know if you like him as a Pokemon". I chose the answer yes then the box said "Then let Slash play with you". Despite of not knowing what he would do he came out of his pokeball and he ran toward me. The screen went black then I saw body parts. Lungs ripped apart arms ripped apart legs ripped apart head showing my characters brain the eyeballs were pulled out then Slash was just sitting there. I saw one tear down his face then a jumpscare. I was at the home page I wanted to know what would happen if I went back to the game I pressed Pokemon Omega Ruby and a box said "This game has an error please wait a while". I pressed it again this time different words "Slash doesn't want to bear anymore pain to you.." After that I never played the game again plus all I thought about at school was Slash
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    Aug 4, 2015