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Pokemon Creepypasta

by AshleePlays535

AshleePlays535 Houndstitch
While I was playing my Pokemon Omega Ruby game my sister asked me if she could play my game I let her play with it at the same time I did not trust her but at the same time I did I was hunting for a shiny Houndour then my sister said "Ashlee I found a Houndour! It shined!" My heart was pounding fast I knew it was a shiny Houndour I snatched the 2DS from her hands and I could see the 3D shape of a shiny Houndour. Only after 1 pokeball my sister caught it she named it Houndstitch. I asked "why did you name it Houndstitch?". Then she answered back "Because it has stitches on it!". "What!?" I answered back I took a close look at the Houndour and it had Stitches on it. Then my sister said "plus it's a girl". I was so surprised I did not know what to do its not normal for Houndour to have stitches on them so i thought "Maybe it was abandoned wait no there are no abandoned Pokemon in the games...". My sister asked if she could train it but I wanted to battle with it first so we both agreed to take turns after each battle then the moves caught my eye they were moves I've never seen before Bleed Sting Stitch shot Shadow Leer and Skull Down they were moves I've never seen so I used Stitch shot then a little message box appeared at the bottom it said "Houndstitch cannot open her mouth". Then instead of Stitch shot she used Skull Down she took recoil damage but it was worth it but when my sister ordered it moves the Houndour would not listen it would only listen to me which is strange... Then my friend Angelina came over and said if she wants to trade with me I was very strict of trading but I accepted. I didn't show her my Houndour because I knew she would want it instead I showed her my level 65 Jolteon. She wanted it badly for return she gave me a Pokemon I have never seen before a Ralts. I have no idea where she got it from but it was purple then I knew purple was a terrible color but I accepted it anyway. When we were done trading I was training up my so called Houndstitch then she started to glow I wondered what was happening but then I noticed it was evolution. My Houndour was finally evolving! But the background wasn't normal Red for the background and the Houndour glowed black it wasn't normal but I accepted anyway. Then right before my very eyes a Shiny Houndoom. Houndstitch evolved but she didn't seem right she seemed uglier than she was before but I still used her. Then when Houndstitch went into battle a message box at the bottom screen said "Houndstitch doesn't want you" I was scared as hell but then when I commanded her to use Skull Down the message box said "Houndstitch wants to know if she's ugly" I chose no which meant she wasn't ugly but then the message box said "Houndstitch knows your lying" then a very loud Houndoom cry played over and over again on my 2DS then I wondered "Was that Houndoom a curse?.." Then when the noise stopped my 2DS had a black screen then on my screen I saw myself standing infront of Houndstitch all my dead Pokemon behind her then she asked "do you think I'm ugly now?". Her face was painted with blood her eyes were bleeding her teeth were yellow and her face looked wary and scary like she was in anger I dropped my 2DS but then I picked it up then Houndstitch said "I'll see you in hell my so called MASTER" the word master was all bloody then my 2DS returned to normal I was on the home screen for Omega Ruby I pressed the game then it said "this game has a error please wait a while" I was so confused I pressed the Omega Ruby game again but this time it said something different. It said "Houndstitch does not want you to play she wants you to kill" I wondered why it said that then Houndstitch jumped out of my 2DS then everything was black when I opened my eyes I had stitches all over my face and I had a knife in my hand I stabbed myself then I was never seen again the last words that Houndstitch said is "I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you go to hell!" Then I was dead I was never seen again Houndstitch was always with me to make me feel better but now it's my time.
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  1. AshleePlays535
    Didn't really happen so hope you guys liked this thing!
    Aug 2, 2015