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Pokémon Cold Tales: #1 Nixon and Sneasel

by Akio and Cubone

Akio and Cubone A story about a young boy named Nixon who travels the streets of Alola trying to be come and Ice type Pokémon master. Read as he and his buddy Sneasel go on amazing journeys and learn more about themselves
Nixon woke up with bags under his shining green eyes as he had to wake up extra early to get a spare Pokémon from his Father. Nixon was a short boy with very light blonde hair that would sometimes come off as a sort of white, Nixon hated Alola and would rather sleep with a bag of ice than a duvet.
His green eyes were a calming colour as he would often look at you smiling. Nixon never saw his mother as she was the champion of none other than Unova, Her name was Iris. Nixon didn't see eye to eye on Pokémon types with his mother as she loved dragons and shivered at ice types when Nixon was the opposite. Nixon had always had a fondness for the coldness, much like his emotions after his sister died to save the family. Nixon sat down and stared into space often thinking about the day he would earn a Pokémon, it was in fact today. His father stood talking to Kukui about Nixon's obsession with Ice types.
"Speak of the devil!" His dad said bending down to rub his sons head. Nixon would not speak only give looks. His father understood this look and handed over a Pokéball. "Inside there is a Sneasel just for you." His dad told him, Kukui impressed with their father, son relationship offered a drink for Nixon's dad. As Nixon didn't know his father's name, When Kukui called him Mason it sounded off.

Nixon sent out the Sneasel and looked at it hugging it for no reason. The Sneasel smiled with glee and the spark of an amazing friendship would begin.