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Pokemon Coal Chapter 1: The start of an epic adventure

by paperyoshi2

paperyoshi2 I've decided to make my own Pokemon journey so here it is!
In the town known as 'Light Town' lived a boy called (Not my real name just a made up one) Silver. Little did he know that he was about to embark on his own journey. It was just a normal day...

Mum: Silver! Come and get your breakfast! I got Litwick flakes, your favourite!

Silver: Coming!

~ Silver comes down the stairs

Mum: I've got a letter for you from the famous professor Acacia.

Silver: Really? What does it say?

Mum: It says; To Silver I have recruited people that I think are ready to start an epic Pokemon adventure. You are one of them. Meet me at my lab in Ivy town. From professor Acacia.

Silver: Well I'd better go get ready then!

~ After Silver gets dressed and has his backpack, he sets off down route 1.

~ Silver spots a strange man

Silver: Who are you?

Strange man: I am a member of a villainous organisation called Team Darkness! Our objective is to take over the world using Pokemon! I'm only a new grunt though...

Silver: ...Bit weird

~ Suddenly a flock of Starly come flying in and pecking the Team Darkness grunt. Silver quickly runs away from the grunt and continues on his way to Ivy town.

Silver: Phew, made it! Aaah there's the lab.

~ Silver enters professor Acacia's lab

  1. paperyoshi2
    Thanks AzureEdge
    Sep 23, 2014
  2. AzureEdge
    I like the format, doing more of a script for a story. It does makes your story stand out from the rest.
    Silver is considered an OC (original charecter) because it doesn't have your name, (For example Azure is my OC, My name isn't Azure)
    Team darkness sounds like a good name for a bunch of grunts.
    Look forward to seeing more!
    Sep 4, 2014