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Pokemon: Chapter 2 A team of 4

by Rioluknowsbest

Rioluknowsbest Here goes my 2nd attempt. GODSPEED ME!
Last time, Goxel, Vex and Luke bumped into a battle against a girl and a gang known as Team Mystic..
Lua: Manaphy do your best...
Debra: Gliscor Aerial Ace! Gliscor dashes at Manaphy hurting Manaphy severely. And then Jolteon attacks with a volt tackle launching Manaphy.
Goxel: Yikes that's Gotta hurt! Guys what do you say we go in and do work!
Vex: Lets do this!
Luke: Maybe we should do it calmly...
Goxel and Vex run in with brute force and send out their Pikachu and Piplup.
Luke sighs Luke: Nobody ever takes my word.
Goxel: Time to use Pikachu's new moves! Thunderbolt!
A bolt of Thunder strikes Gliscor and paralyzes him making Gliscor fall to the ground.
Debra: Not my precious Gliscor! You brats!!
Vex: Piplup Bubble beam!
Jolteon gets hit but was unfazed by the attack.
Luke: Vex I told you Water's weak to Electric. Let me and Chespin do this. Roll out.
Chespin curls up and morphs into a Giant rock and rams Jolteon making him faint.
Suddenly another team appears!
This will all continue in the next chapter..