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Pokemon: Chapter 1 Connection Between 2

by Rioluknowsbest

Rioluknowsbest I'll make the prologue later but this work was inspired to me by the first Pokémon movie
Goxel a boy who lived in Shimmer town with his friends, Vex the hot-blooded boy and Luke the kind hearted helper. These three have their own Pokémon. Goxel has a Riolu, Vex has a Piplup and Luke has a Chespin now these 3 boys are ready to tackle the Pokémon world!
Goxel: Ok so this is Nido forest where Nidoran's or Nidorino's dwell. This could be good and bad since my Pikachu's not gonna be very effective here but Vex's Piplup might deal some real damage on them. And Luke's Chespin is gonna have some big time with them.
Vex: Yeah Yeah lets just go!
The Boys bump into 3 packs of Nidoran's.
Vex: Finally some action.
The boys send their Pokémon in to battle.
Vex: Since I have the upper advantage.. Piplup use pound!
Piplup attacks with a devastating pound hurting the first Nidoran severely.
Luke: Alright Chespin lets try our best.. Use vine whip.
Vines whip the 2 Nidoran causing good damage.
Goxel: This might work. Pikachu use Thundershock!
Pikachu's attack shocks the 3 knocking them out.
Vex: Aw man you stole my win.
Goxel: Hehe sorry anyways lets move on.
The Boys battle more and more of them until..
Team Mystic Dave: Listen here girlie we need your Pokémon and don't ask why just give them to us and we wont have any beef got it?
The Girl sticks her tongue out.
Lua: You can forget it!
Team Mystic Debra: Oh we thought you might say that. Gliscor come out!
Team Mystic Dave: Jolteon! Lets shock her!
It looks like there's a big rumble about to happen.. All this will be continued into chapter 2.