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Pokemon Camp part 1

by freezetaggers123

freezetaggers123 What would the world be like without the trainers well now you can find out in this first part of a pokemon camp
Narrator: Welcome to a world of Pokemon but not the same that you know in this world the pokemon roam free and no trainer exist, the pokemon have made their own society and here is a story of an one of the many pokemon
*A warm sun is out in the sky and a sound of Chatots as we see a village of houses with pokemon in each one in one house of a blue and white colour we see a Lucario and Riolu emerge*
Riolu: Come on Dad do I have to
Lucario: You know the answer to that question
Riolu: urg
Lucario: don't be like that don't forget Eevee and Corphish will be there as well, you will have a great time
Riolu: fine only because they are going as well
Lucario: that's my boy
*as they walk along we see an Espeon and Eevee coming out of a Gray house the Eevee looks very pleased*
Espeon: I am glad you are happy with this Eevee
Eevee: well I just want to be with my friends (spots Riolu) hi Riolu
Riolu: oh hey Eevee
Espeon: go on run along
Eevee: yay
Lucario (to Espeon) they grow up so fast hey
Espeon: Yeah it feels like just yesterday she came out the egg
Riolu: race you
Eevee: I doubt that
*they race along to a campsite with a massive sign saying 'pokemon camp'
Riolu: told you
Eevee: no fair you got dust in my eye
Riolu: did not
Eevee: did too
*a Corphish comes from no where and accidentally runs into Riolu*
Corphish: Oops sorry Riolu
Riolu: Ow that hurt
Corphish: Hey I said I was sorry
Riolu: I know I just over reacted
Eevee: never mind let's just go
Narrator: As Riolu, Eevee and Corphish start pokemon camp they also start a journey who knows what will happen next
  1. pigman123456789012
    I thourt it was cuite good to be honest
    Dec 21, 2016
  2. freezetaggers123
    I hope people will enjoy this
    Dec 21, 2016