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Pokemon Burn and Frost Chapter 1

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja After being second at the Kalos league, Ash goes back home and gets an email from his cousin Bloom, congratulating him for getting so far, she then asks if he's like to try the league of her region, a far off land called Resona. What new adventures and pokemon await? Read and find out

Me: Ash, Bloom, and other real pokemon are not mine, just the gym leaders, made up characters, and all of the Resona pokemon belong to me :)

Ash: Alright! Let's get started!
Me: Wait huh!?
Bloom: Yeah, we're here to you know, your writing a story on us so we'd thought we'd do the intro to
Me: I am very confused, but let's start!
It was a simple goal, Ash collected all eight badges, he beat everyone with his full power, almost everyone anyways, he lost to alain and his mega Charizard, as crushed as he felt, Ash smiled. He may have lost, but he lost to a friend. maybe next time... He thought in his head, He then decided to head home, with Serena, Clemont and Bonnie. They soon arrived in Pallet Town.

"Hello Ash" Professor Oak Greeted.

"Hey Professor" Ash said
"Feels good to be back"

"Pika"! Ash's partner Pikachu agreed

"I'm sorry to hear about your loss" Professor Oak said

"Nah it's cool" Ash said.
"Alain won fair and square".

Ash then tossed all of his poke balls in the air, and his pokemon:
and Talonflame came out.

"I want you guys to stay here ok, you can play with the other pokemon"
Ash said.
The five went over to other pokemon, Ash's Oshawott looked up at Greninja curiously, Talonflame and Swellow raced in the air, Hawlucha trained with Charizard and Noivern.
Goodra played with tons of Ash's other Pokemon.
Ash then decided to go to his home, he hasn't been home in a while, so they head to his house, and were happily greeted by his mother.

"I'm glad your home Ash" His mother smiled.
"Same here mom" Ash said
Ash decided to go to his room, and found his old computer. He decided to check if there was anything, and there was a message, Ash looked and it was from his cousin on a faraway region.

"Hey Pikachu, we got a message from Bloom" Ash smiled.
He clicked it, and it went on a video screen, a girl with orange hair, and a blue dress came on the screen.

"Hi Ash" The girl said.
"Hey Bloom, it's been a while" Ash said
"Yeah, I heard you got into the top 2 of the Kalos league, congrats "
"Thanks" Ash said.
" well, I was wondering, I wanted to ask if you would like to come here, to Resona"
Ash gained a surprised face. Then Grinned.
"Would I ever"! Ash yelled excited.
" Neat" Bloom smiled.
"The Resona League here is really good to, I thought you'd be interested.
"Yeah, so when can we go:? Ash asked.
"Anytime, I can wait by Dewfall Harbor" Bloom smiled.
"Cool, see you soon Cuz" Ash said and turned off the computer, and raced down the stairs.
"Ash, why are you in such a rush"? Clemont asked.
"I talked to my cousin Bloom, I'm Going to the Resona League"! Ash declared.
"Resona"? Serena asked.
"I heard it's a very far away region" Clemont said.
"Yeah, and me and Pikachu are heading for the Resona league". Ash said, Pikachu smiled.
Ash raced out, and ash's mom drove them to the vermillion seaport, to get tickets to Resona, but there was only one and Ash then got it with the money he got from the championship.
"Hey, contact us whenever you can alright"? Serena gave him a ipad like device.
"You bet"! Ash said, as he then boarded a ship.
As he got on the ship, he looked at his friends waving to him, as the ship soon set sail, and disappeared.

A while later, the ship had arrived to a huge port like city, Ahs and Pikachu got off.
"Well, this is it Pikachu, Dewfall harbor in Resona" Ash smiled, he looked and soon found a red haired girl waving to him.

"Welcome to my Region Ash" Bloom smiled,
"It's really nice," Ash said.
Bloom then took his hand,
"C'mon! I'm about to get a pokemon from the professor" Bloom said, they raced off to a huge building, as they entered, there was a woman with purple hair,
"Ah there you are Bloom" Professor Cedar said.
"Sorry, I was waiting for my cousin Ash" Bloom said.
"Hi, I'm Ash. and this is my partner Pikachu" Ash greeted
"Pika"! Pikachu greeted.
"Well hello, my name is Professor cedar" She greeted, she took out a case with 3 poke balls in it, she tossed each one out.

" In Resona, you can choose the grass type Salmanroot" Cedar said looking at a small black salamander pokemon, with yellow stripes all over it
"Sal" it said shyly.

"Then, we have the Fire type Pokemon Triflare"
A small orange Triceratops pokemon appeared.
"Tri"! It greeted happily.

"and Finally, the Water Dragon Draglash" Cedar finished
A small blue dragon, with yellow horns, a bubble like collar, and orange spikes on it's back came out.
"Drag"! Draglash cried happily

"Wow, they look so amazing" Ash said studying all 3.
"So who are you gonna choose Bloom"?
Bloom picked up Triflare
"I like the Triflare, it's adorable"! Bloom Hugged it. Then the professor gave Bloom a device, and poke balls.
"These are your pokedex and poke balls" The prof explained.
"Thanks" Bloom smiled.
They then left the building
"Hey Ash"? Bloom asked.
"Yeah"? Ash replied.
"Could we have a battle with you and Pikachu? I want to try out my Triflare in Battle" Bloom said.
" Yeah! Of course" Ash smiled.
They went over to a dirt field, Bloom set down Triflare, and it raced on the field.
"Ready buddy"? Ash asked.
"Pika"! Pikachu said and raced onto the field, as the battle was about to begin.
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