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Pokemon: Bro and Sis: Pokemon: Bro and Sis novel 4: The rival named Ryan

by Johnny Lock

Johnny Lock The two, I mean three, find the man who stole Suirtle, and this can be called "A battle of beginners."
After Tim and Zen's battle, Zen travels with the two and then a shadowy figure blocked their way and says "Looks like I was right." We continue there. Tim says "You!" "That's right" he says, "And how's your Bulbasaur doing?" Lin asks him, "And just who do you think you are anyway? Just going in and stealing a Pokemon like that." Zen asks, "He stole a Pokemon?" The man says, "That's right, and the name's Ryan." "Well Ryan," Tim says, "I think it's time I got some revenge." "Be thankful you even have a Pokemon." Ryan says. Lin goes in saying "That's what I said." Tim tells him, "You and me, right now, lets battle!" Ryan agrees and says, "Okay then, three on three. Or is that going to be a problem?" Tim tells him he only has two Pokemon. "Then I'll help Tim." Lin says. Tim thinks it'll be okay and says, "Yeah. Lin hasn't caught anything yet, so she only has one right now, then with my two that adds up to three." "Oh you can do math, great, nobody cares. Are we gonna fight or not?" Ryan complains. Now they are at the same battle field as before. Zen announces "Alright! The battle is a three on three! When all Pokemon from each side is out, the opposing team wins! Are you ready?!" Tim, Lin and Ryan nods, "Then let the battle begin!" Tim and Ryan throws their pokeballs, out of Tim's it's Rattata, out of Ryan's is Caterpie. Tim tells Rattata to use tackle. Caterpie dodged it. Ryan tells Caterpie to use Tackle as well, in Rattata's current position, it hits. "Looks kinda dizzy there." Lin says. "Wait." Tim thinks about how he fainted in his last battle, "Oh man, I totally forgot. Rattata must be to tiered after that last battle, but I'm gonna have to hope that he can stay in there long enough to win." "Caterpie, Tackle again." Tim looks up and Caterpie attacked Rattata. And just like that Rattata fainted again. Tim returned him to his pokeball, and Lin went up to the field. Lin threw her pokeball and Charmander came out. "Didn't expect you to get Carmander." Ryan says. Lin tells him, "Guess I'm just filled with tricks. Carmander, use Scratch." Charmander runs over to get Caterpie and hits him. Caterpie uses tackle on Charmander but barely did anything. Charmander uses Scratch, and Caterpie has fainted. Caterpie gets returned in his pokeball, but Ryan tells Caterpie, "Why did I catch you?! You didn't help at all!" Zen tells him, "Well, he did beat Rattata." "He was already weak from the last battle, it doesn't count." Ryan yells. Ryan calls on his next Pokemon. He says as he throws his pokeball, "Go, Pidgey!" The pokeball opens and Pidgey comes out. Ryan tells Pidgey to use Gust. Charmander runs behind a tree for cover 'cause it's scared to get hit by certain attacks. Lin asks Charmander to use Scratch, and he comes out from the tree to attack him. Charmander runs to Pidgey and hits it. The battle continues next time, to be continues...