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Pokemon: Bro and Sis: Pokemon: Bro and Sis novel 3: The name's Zen part 2

by Johnny Lock

Johnny Lock Tim and Zen continues their battle, and Tim might have found a way to beat his Quick Attack
Last time, Tim and Lin continued their adventure and Tim caught a Rattata, but catches trouble with it as a Pokemon artist named Zen was trying to draw it, and Tim got in the way. Zen challenged Tim to a battle, but it would be hard to beat Meowth's Quick Attack. And we continue that now. "Wow Meowth's really fast, I can't even get a blur." Tim thought. Zen screams "Now!" And Meowth hits Rattata. Tim tells Rattata to use Tail Whip but it ended up pointing his behind at Meowth. Zen tells Meowth to use Leer, but with Ratttata not looking at him it didn't do anything. "Rattata, now use Tackle!" Tim says. Rattata looks at Meowth and charges towards him, Zen tells Meowth to dodge it by using Quick Attack, and he runs around him and attacks. Rattata is lying on the ground. Tim has a angry face. Zen tells Meowth to use, you guessed it, Quick attack, don't worry it'll end soon he'll learn other moves. But as he's gone, Tim notices something. He saw a branch break before he attacked. Meowth was gone again, Tim looks at the field to find some more branches or anything else to help him. When he saw a trail of stomped leaves he tells Rattata to move out the way just in time. Meowth stopped and was shocked. Zen tells Tim "No one was able to dodge his Quick Attack before." Tim responds saying "Thanks, it took a while to find a little trick I guess." "Rattata looks a little more confident" Lin says. Tim thinks to himself "How do I keep forgetting she's there?" Meowth's gone again, But Tim can't see any signs of him. And Rattata gets hit again. Tim tells Rattata, "Quick! Get a bunch of Branches and lay them down on the field!" Rattata climbs a near by tree and grabs a bunch of branches and leaves and throws them on the field. Meowth is gone again, (trust me I'm getting tired of this, too) Tim finds a trail and tells Rattata to dodge then Tackle. Meowth stops for a moment and finally got hit. Meowth is amazingly is knocked across the field, he gets up. Zen tells Meowth "You can do, let's change it up, use Scratch!" Meowth's claws comes out and runs to Rattata. Tim tells him to dodge then use Tackle, then that happens Zen thinks "I haven't seen someone like this in a while." A few minutes later, the Pokemon are tired Zen says "This will be the last attack, this will end it all" Tim says "I'll be glad to end it." Zen tells Meowth to use Scratch, Tim tells Rattata to use tackle. They charge at each other, they attack, and do the thing where they stay in place until one of them falls. Then, Rattata falls. Tim sighs and returns him. Zen walks to Tim and tells him "That was a good fight, maybe I should go with you two." Tim asks why. "So I can find a way to beat you" Zen says and adds, "And if I'm gonna be a good Pokemon artist, I need to see what I can do out in the world." Lin walks up to them and says "Okay then, looks like your coming with us." And they go back on the path. But a shadowy figure stops them and says "Looks like I was right." To be continued...