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Pokemon: Bro and Sis: Pokemon: Bro and Sis Novel 2: The name's Zen part 1

by Johnny Lock

Johnny Lock It has been one day since the two started their adventure and they end up causing trouble for a artist
The two are walking down the path to the Pokemon center in the next city. But for the moment they are stuck in the forest. "Where are we?" Lin asks. "I don't know, the forest." Tim answers. Lin is slightly angry and says, "I get your angry about getting Bulbasaur, but be happy you got a Pokemon." Tim keeps looking at the road to avoid eye contact. And he ends up finding a wild Rattata. Tim says, "Well I guess it'll be the Pokemon I'll use to catch this guy. Go Bulbasaur!" He throws his Pokeball and Bulbasaur is seen. "Bulbasaur, use Tackle!" But Bulbasaur is trying to take a nap. Tim says "Bulbasaur, I get your mad at me, but you are a Pokemon, can you just help me this once?" Bulbasaur wakes up and sighs. Bulbasaur goes after it and hits it. It is lying on the ground. Tim goes for his back pocket. "Good thing we got pokeballs from the prof. before we left. Pokeball go!" he throws the Pokeball. The wild Rattata saw the pokeball but before he could get away from it, he got inside the pokeball. The Pokeball is rocking back and forth. Then, it stopped. Tim was happy and yelled, "Yes! I got a... wait, what did I get?" A voice tells him "That was a Rattata." The man who answered Tim came out to show himself, "And my model" Tim tells the man, "Excuse me?" "I'm Zen, a Pokemon artist, and I was trying to draw that Rattata you caught." he says. Tim apologized but Zen was still angry. Zen says, "Your a Pokemon trainer right? So let's have a battle then!" Tim is confused but says, "Okay then lets see what you got!" Lin shouts to them, "Hey guys, there's a open field here." Tim tells her "Oh yeah, I forgot you were there." They are now at the battle arena, pokeballs in hand, ready to fight. Lin off to the side says "Alright, the match is a one on one, one Pokemon each, if one can't battle, the opposing team wins!" Zen says in his head, "I only need one Pokemon." Lin starts the match saying "Battle begin!" Each throws their pokeballs. Out of Zen's comes Meowth. Out of Tim's comes Rattata. Zen commands Meowth to use Quick attack. Tim can't see him, but he knows what's coming. But before he could act, Rattata already got hit. Tim had to think fast to get up to speed with Meowth. He tells Rattata to use Tail Whip to get a hit, but he got hit before he could, he needed more than that to beat him. To be continued...