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Pokemon: Bro and Sis: Pokemon: Bro and Sis novel 1: Pick your Pokemon

by Johnny Lock

Johnny Lock Two twins, Tim and Lin, start their life changing adventure in Kanto, but some problems are caused while they're choosing their starter.
A Pokémon tournament is held and shown on a small T.V. It's a battle between Raichu vs Butterfree. The announcer says "And Raichu goes for a Thunder!" Butterfree is shocked his eyes tuned to swirls. "And looks like it's over!" the Announcer screams. The trainer returns Butterfree and throws a Pokeball, it opens and a Dragonite comes out. The announcer says "Looks like it's going to end bad for-". Before he could finish the T.V. turns off. A boy named Tim says "Why did you turn the T.V. off?" "Because," a girl named Lin says, "You don't want to be late do you?" "Guess not." he says. They go out the house and walks down the path. Tim asks Lin, "So who are you gonna get 'Bulbasaur?'" Lin says "No, I'll get Charmander" Tim is surprised. "Not if I do first!" he screams, and runs off to get Charmander first. Lin runs, too, but runs past Tim. She makes it to the lab first and waits for Tim. When he finally comes in he's taking deep breaths. The prof. comes in and tells the two, "Now you two calm down there." The two are jumping up and down saying "So will we get it?! Will We get it?! Will we get it?!" "Yes" the prof. says he goes to a lab partner. But, a man comes in and rushes towards the prof. and takes a pokeball. Before he leaves he tells the twins "I know we'll meet again." and runs off. Tim asks nervously, "Who did he take?" The prof. takes a Pokeball and says "Let's see who." He throws the ball in the air and a Charmander comes out. Lin, as soon as she saw it, calls "Dibs!" Tim is sad as Charmander goes to Lin. He says, "Well, I guess Squirtle's okay." He opens the other Pokeball and Bulbasaur comes out. "Guess he took Squirtle." the prof. says. Tim says in anger, "Then I promise that with everything inside me, I will take revenge for leaving me with Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur looks at him in anger. Lin looks at the two of them thinking of what they will become together. They say bye to the prof. and take off. Lin looks over to Tim and asks "Where will you find him?" Tim answers saying, "No clue, but I'll find him eventually." And they're off on their adventure. THE END