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Pokemon Blue: Jay Rock's Beginning (Prologue)

by Franny Krueger

Franny Krueger Just an opening piece for my OC. Her adventures are going to be based off of my childhood experiences, fantasies, and dreams.
Hello there!
Welcome to the world of Pokemon!

My name is Oak!
People call me the Pokemon Prof.!
This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokemon!

For some people, Pokemon are pets.
Others use them for fights.

I study Pokemon as a profession.

First, what is your name?


Right! So your name is Jay!


Your very own Pokemon legend is about to unfold!
A world of dreams and adventures with pokemon awaits!
Let's go!



The alarm on her dresser buzzed loudly.

"Pi Ka!" A pokemon cried!

Jay quickly sat up and turned her alarm off. "Today's the day!" She exclaimed as she jumped out of bed and rushed to change clothes.

A small and puffy Pikachu happily scurried behind his trainers' every step.

"C'mon Buddy!" She called to her Pikachu as she snatched a premade sandwich out of the fridge. Buddy hopped on her back as she ran out the door.

{ Jay Rock, age 18, was about to start her first day working at the Kanto Pokemon Research Center. She had studied and worked hardher whole life to studie under the renowned Pokemon Professor, Samuel Oak. Just a month before, her efforts had been recognized. She moved to Pallet Town from Laverre City in the
Kalos Region. Quite a distance away. She is an only child and was raised by foster parents her whole life. Her parents died when she was 7 due to unconfirmed causes. Or at least that's what they told her. That's also when she met her Pikachu, Buddy. The pokemon seeing the child in distress, nuzzled her and without hesitation she embraced him. The two have been inseparable ever since.}

Jay and Buddy busted their way through the door at the lab.

"Ah, Jay. Glad you made it. Your teachers' had informed me thatyou were one for being late though." Prof. Oak greeted.

"Yes, but not this time. No sir!"

"Good. Now have a seat and I'll begin explaining your duties as my new aids."

Jay sat down in between a couple of other newcomers and Buddy sat in her lap. The two of them listening intently and eagerly.


"Now I have already given my grandson, Blue, and another local boy, by the name of Red, the task of using the pokedex to gather information on the pokemon they encounter. But for each of you, I have a different task."

Prof. Oak began handing each of the new aids a booklet and a pokeball.

"You are to take these new pokemon I have given you and study their behavors and abilities." He informed. "Depending on the reports you turn in will decide what field I will have you work in."

Jay bit her bottom lip with worry. "What if I don't get the main job I wanted. I'm only good with 'hands-on' stuff. What if I get putin front of a computer screen?" She thought.

"Pi?" Buddy tilted his head when he noticed his trainers' expression.

"Is there something wrong, Miss Rock?"

Jay looked up at Prof. Oak, "No. I'm fine. I was just a little lost in thought."

Oak smiled, "Already thinking of what you're going to do, are you?"

She rubbed the back of her neck, "Yeah, let's stick with that."

Oak chuckled and handed her her booklet and pokeball.


"What if I get stuck behind a desk? Or just following the Professor around all day? Not that I don't like or respect him, but you know how restless I get."

Buddy watched his trainer pace along the riverside. "Pika," He called to her, "Pi pika chupi pika chu pi."

"Uhg! I know. But I can't help it."

Although she can't really understand Buddy, they're so close, that she can understand the feelings conveyed through his speech. This time he was telling her to try not to worry.

"Pi, ka pika pi pikachu?" He pointed at Jay's new pokeball.

Jay looked at the pokeball in her hand, "Oh right. We don't even know who's in this do we?" She asked, smiling.

"Pika chu!" Buddy cheered.

"Okay!" She threw the poke and they watched as the flash of light faded.

In front of them sat a small light blue frog type pokemon with big eyes.

"A froakie?" Jay asked, a bit confused. "But this is a pokemon from my home region."

Buddy walked up to the froakie and began introducing himself.

The froakie seemed uninterested in making friends.

Jay took out her booklet and began writing down the events between Buddy and her new pokemon.

Buddy continued to try and be formal and nice but the froakie continually turned him down.

As Jay watched Buddy get more and more discouraged, she called the both of them over to her.

"So either you don't trust us or don't like us, which is it?" She asked the froakie.

Froakie seemed to be taken aback by that last accusation.

Jay smiled softly, "So it's more of a trust issue, is it? How bout this then, we tell you a bit about ourselves and what we do and want to do, then you can decide if you want to trust us or not."

The froakie seemed surprised at the proposal but nodded and began to think it over. He soon nodded again. "Kie."

Jay and Buddy began telling their story, and in their own way finishing each others sentences. Froakie eased up as he watched and listened to the two of them laugh pick at one another.

When Jay noticed the way froakie was smiling she asked, "I take ityou've made up your mind?"

Froakie held out his hands, one at Jay and the other at Buddy. "Kie!"

They all shook hands and smiled.

*rustle rustle* *rustle rustle*

Jay quickly stood up and glared at the bushes. The two pokemon soon joined her gaze.

"Well what have we here?" A man in black asked as he and two others, dressed in the same outfit, walked out from the bushes and trees.

"Looks like we found ourselves a cutie."

"And her pokemon look rather interesting too."

Jay looked at Buddy and gave him quick instruction with her eyebrows and a smirk.

Buddy nodded and informed froakie.

"W-what do you want?" Her voice sounding meek and worried.

The men smirked and chuckled. "Oh nothing much. Just your pokemon."

Jay quickly looked to her two pokemon and back to the men. "No, you can't. They're not even mine. I'm just a trainee assitent."

The men laughed, "We don't care whose pokemon they are nor what you do. If there's a strong pokemon out there," The men sent out their pokemon, "they belong to team rocket!"

"And what if they're not strong enough?" Jay asked, losing touch with her 'defenseless young woman' act.

"Easy. We dispose of it." One of them answered and pulled out a metal baton.

Jay immediatly threw off her glasses and lab coat, revealing her blue and gray trainer gear, as well as putting on an official competitors cap of the same colors.

All three men took a step back.

"Sic'um boys!" Jay demanded, her voice deep with rage.

Both pokemon attacked without hesitation. Even taking out the opossing zubat and nidoran(M) with one hit each. And finally double teaming the mankey.

"What the heck?!"

"Are you kidding me?!"

"We won't forget this, you brat!"

The three men ran off with their knocked-out pokemon and tails between their legs.

Jay smirked and crossed her arms triumphantly as she watched them run while Buddy and froakie danced to their victory.

She turned to them and smiled. "That was pretty impressive." She said to froakie.

Froakie blushed and smiled.

"I think you need a nickname that suites your fighting style. How about Voldo?"

Froakie tilted his head.

"Voldo is an assassin off of one of my favorite games. He's fast, cunning, and loyal." She explained.

Froakie seemed to like that.

"Then it's settled. Welcome to the family Voldo."

Buddy and Voldo jumped into Jay's arms, knocking her to the ground. She laughed and hugged them both.

"And just for the record guys, I think I'm gonna leave this incident out of the report."