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Pokemon Blaze Red Part 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox New! Pokémon! Follow the awesome adventures of Red, a natural adventurer, Blue, Red's cocky yet calm rival, Leaf/Green, Red's sneaky Specialshipping cousin, and Yellow, Red's childhood friend. Remake of the Pokémon Special Red and Blue series.
"Woke up, it was 7, waited till 11, just a figure out that no one would call...." Red sang as he put his stuff in his backpack. "I think I gotta lot of friends, but I don't hear from them, what's another night all alone.... When you're spending everyday on your own!" "RED!" He heard. "Hey Leaf!" Red called back to his cousin. "Come on, Red! Get out here!" "Okay, okay!" Red put on his red cap that sat on his spikey black hair. He ran outside and ran to Pr. Oak's lab. His rival Blue was sitting there, looking extremely bored. "Hello Bitter Rival." Blue greeted. "Hey Pr. Oak!" Red said, ignoring Blue. "Hello, Red, hello Leaf." The Nice old man welcomed. After some explaining about the Pokedex, he gave them each one. "Now, you can choose Bulbasaur, the plant pocket monster, Charmander, the lizard pocket monster, and Squirtle, the turtle pocket monster!" The dex holders looked at the starters, then chose. "I'm with Bulbasaur, but I'm calling him Zarre." Red declared. "I choosing Charmander, but I'll call him Airi." Blue decided. "I pick Squirtle, but his name shall be Zeni." Leaf told. "Good, now go on! Start your adventure!" The professor said. "WAIT A SECOND!!!!!" Red shouted. "What?" Blue asked. "I challenge you to pokemon battle, Blue!" Red exclaimed. "Got it, but don't expect too win." Battle theme song music, GO! "Charmander, Ember!" The little lizard fired a ball of fire at the plant pokemon, and he was damaged. "Zarre, Vine Whip, then Razor Leaf!" Zarre launched it's two vines, grabbing Airi, then barraged the fire pokemon with sharp leaves. "Fire spin! Then Slash!" Airi spun it's tail around, creating a ring of fire, then blasted it at Zarre. Zarre looked damaged by the strong attack, and was hurt even more after the slash attack. "Zarre, Tackle then seed bomb! Our first combo, Seed Spiral!" Zarre launched a big seed itno the air, then ran into it, surrounding the seed pokemon with a sprialing green veil. The plant pokemon smashed into Charmander, defeating it, and ending the battle. "Great job Airi." Blue declared, turning away, walking. "I'll see ya again, Cuz!" Blue stated as she ran off. "Haha! That was an awesome battle, Zarre! Let's go and start our journey as friends, together!" Red declared, him and his starter pocket monster running to Viridian City.

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Traits: Leadership, Energetic.
Team Update: Bulbasaur
Gender: Male
Moves: Seed Bomb, Vine Whip, Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf
Nickname: Zarre

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Traits: Calmness, Serious
Team Update: Charmander
Gender: Male
Moves: Fire Spin, Scartch, Slash, Ember, Slash
Nickname: Airi

Age: 15
Male: Female
Traits: Tricky, Playful
Team Update: Squirtlle
Gender: Male
Moves: Bubble, Water Gun, Withdraw, Bite, BubbleBeam
Nickname: Zeni

Hope you liked the story!