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Pokemon Black/White 2 Chapter 1: Another Adventure Begins!

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss A Guy named Jack from Sinnoh with his Beloved Luxio travels The Unova Region, meanwhile, He battles a Girl Trainer who has a Serperior!
A Trainer moved to the Unova Region! "Luxxxxx..........." Luxio said. "Let's Go Luxio! We're going to the Unova Region!" Jack said, putting on his hat. "Let's Go Jack and Luxio." Mom said. "Yes! The Unova Region isn't Cheap." Professor Oak said. They took a Plane to Unova. "Well, Hello there Jack! Your Mom told me alot about you! And what a Cute Luxio!" Professor Juniper said, petting Luxio. "Luxxx............." "Ok. Here's a Pokedex and some Pokeballs!" Professor Juniper said. "Have Fun on your Journey!" When Jack & Luxio were walking, they saw a Battle. Jack pointed the Pokedex at the Snake Pokemon. Pokedex: Serperior, The Grass Snake Pokemon. Serperior can Squeeze a Car, and it's prey. Making it's bones crush. Then, Jack pointed the Pokedex at the Dog Pokemon. "Herdier, The Dog Pokemon. It can have a Pack, as it hunts for prey. It's also a Good Pet to others. "Use Vine Whip!" The Girl Trainer said, as Herdier got whipped aroud. "Use Thunder Fang!" The Boy Trainer said, but Herdier missed. "Finish it with Earthquake!" The Girl Trainer said again. Herdier fainted. The Girl looked at Jack, while he was picking up Luxio. Then she approached him. "Hello. My Name is May. I'm A Pokemon Trainer. What's your Name?" May asked. "My Name is Jack, This is Luxio, My Pokemon. I'm From the Sinnoh Region." Jack answered. "Sinnoh? Cool! Do you want to have a Battle?" May asked. "Alright!" Jack answered. "Go Serperior!" "Luxio, Use Dragon Claw!" Jack commanded. Luxio used Dragon Claw. Serperior tried to keep up. "Use Vine Whip!" May commanded. "Counter it with Dragon Claw!" Jack commanded. Dragon Claw cut Vine whip. "Use Electro Ball!" Jack commanded, as the Orb hit Serperior. "Use Iron Tail, then finish it off with Thunderbolt!" Jack commanded. Serperior fainted. "Aww...... Serperior, Return." May said, returning Serperior. "Nice Battle. I didn't know you were that strong. Luxio's Dragon Claw is amazing." May said. "Well, Thanks. I won the Sinnoh League using Dragon Claw." Jack said. "Can I come along with you?" May asked. "Sure. I don't mind." Jack answered. THE END
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