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Pokemon Beya: Pokemon Beya - Sandra

by sonicdash759

Sandra's Team.png
sonicdash759 Sandra

AGE: 20


WEIGHT: (Becomes agitated if asked this)

BIRTHPLACE: (Currently Unknown)

LIKES/INTERESTS: Exploring, Adventure, Thrill, Oran Berries,

DISLIKES/FEARS: Ghost types, Tight spaces, Technology, Being rejected, Losing her friends

PERSONALITY: On the outside, Sandra is a rough-n-tough and practically fearless girl, constantly looking for adventure at every opportunity. But on the inside, she fears deeply about being rejected and judged from modern society and culture.

She was born with a special gift: The ability to understand Pokemon speech. Normally an ability ANY trainer would want, eventually Sandra learned the dark side of her gift when a group of wild ghost-type Pokemon tricked the poor girl into leading them back to her town before raising absolute hell, devouring the souls of all her friends, family, and other residents. Now scarred, shaken, and incredibly guilty, Sandra fled into the wilderness to isolate herself, vowing to never make contact with humanity ever again...

But as time went on, the girl slowly began to grow intrigued by the developing world. With the help of some certain eager and accepting trainers, Sandra found the strength and courage to come back into the human way of life and live her life to the fullest...though deep down, those emotions and memories from that fateful night still linger...




Stella met Sandra as a wild Pokemon who was intrigued by the girl's ability to understand her speech. Ever since, the flightless bird Pokemon has been teaching her new friend about the ways of living on the wild side. Nowadays, Stella follows Sandra around on her travels. While she may be friendly to her trainer, Stella has an incredibly short fuse towards strangers. In battle, a Parrage's anger can help power up attacks such as Rage and allow the use of the special 'Mad Bird' attack but sometimes, Stella's rage can last long after a battle, making it difficult for her to open up. But that doesn't mean it's impossible.



Much more laid back than her pink friend, Poppy also has a distinct love for music...though this love often annoys her teammates...alot. Her Mad Bird attack consists of her spinning downward like a drill onto the opponent but sadly it also leaves her dizzy, open to easy counterattacks. She's ditzy, goofy, and overall just loves to have a good time.



The youngest member of the flock, Luca easily finds happiness with anything colorful and fun-looking. She also has a bit of a spoiled nature, refusing to keep clean and take baths but nothing makes her more cranky than being called a baby. Her Mad Bird allows her to let out a high pitched and ear splitting cry that can easily knock lightweight foes off their feet. She looks up to Stella as a sort of a motherly figure. Stella doesn't really mind but sometimes feels like she's doing all the work...



With a surprisingly strong interest for artsy things, she loves to be creative and artistic but also carries self-esteem and confidence issues, making her shy and nervous most of the time, forcing her to retreat under her floppy beanie hat. To Willow, her worn out and torn up hat means everything to her, always keeping it close and won't show mercy for anyone who might try to snatch it away. When using Mad Bird, Willow spins at incredible speeds, turning her long feathers as sharp as the teeth of a sawblade but just like Poppy, it makes her dizzy and vulnerable to attacks.



Ever since she stumbled across the tiny plastic crown, Gale now thinks of herself as royalty along with believing that she deserves to be treated as such. She easily gets on her trainer's and teammates nerves, finding herself alone most of the time. But she does try to get along...even if she has to force herself to behave. When using Mad Bird, Gale's long tail feathers begin spinning, generating a small but powerful cyclone. The snobbish bird Pokemon often looks to Stella as a sort of rival as they both think of themselves as the leader of the flock and believe they're the strongest of the bunch. Sandra has the real say and thinks of all her team members as equal in their own special way...
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