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Pokemon Beya: Pokemon Beya - Nicole Porter

by sonicdash759

Nicole Porter (Beta Color 2).png
sonicdash759 Nicole Porter

AGE: 18


WEIGHT: (Becomes agitated if asked this)

OCCUPATION: Marine Biologist

BIRTHPLACE: Paloma City, Beya Region

LIKES/INTERESTS: Swimming, Diving, Exploring, Quality time with friends and family, Learning, Relaxing, Reading

DISLIKES/FEARS: Bug-Type Pokemon, Being Alone, Bullies, Dry Weather/Climates, Tension Between Friends

PERSONALITY: Nicole is a fun-loving and curious individual who dreams of exploring the worlds oceans and meeting tons of interesting Pokemon. She comes off as very confident although this sometimes gets her into some sticky situations but in the end, her smartness and clever thinking always gets her out of trouble. Nicole is deathly afraid of bug-type Pokemon due to a traumatizing childhood incident that nearly cost the girl her life. She also hates seeing her friends upset and alone and is always there to cheer them up to the best of her ability.

Nowadays, Nicole works hard out at sea, doing field work, studying and examining her collected samples, tagging Pokemon, and on rare occasions, even discovering new species. Nicole does her best to stay on task and complete her assignments for her employers. But when she has her free time, Nicole knows that it's also important to unwind, relax, and have fun with her friends and Pokemon.

Nicole wasn't always the most social person due to shyness and preference of study but thanks to her Eevee she received as a Christmas pet, the girl has long since opened up and met 2 friends in Paloma High School.

The girl's relationship with her parents was like any other. Her Pokemon however, was much more. Ever since her adventure in the Beya Region, Nicole was always out and about, battling and training her teammates to be ready for anything. The girl treats them like part of the family and has even trusted them with her own life.





Originally, she was a household pet, but ever since the field trip to explore the Beya Region, Aqua has become Nicole's most trusted Pokemon and she does her best to live up to the title, giving it her all in every battle. Being with the girl for the majority of her life, the two share a very powerful and unbreakable bond unlike any other. Through thick and thin, light and dark, they've faced whatever life has thrown at them head on. They consider each other as sisters and are almost always together. Deep down, Aqua fears that Nicole might abandon her if she messes up but the girl is always there to reassure her friend that no matter what happens, they will always be sisters.



Even though she's Nicole's second Pokemon, Luna is actually the strongest member of the team with Aqua coming in second. Being the Gardevoir that she is, Luna is protective of her trainer, even putting her own life on the line if needed to. At first, Luna was ALWAYS on high alert but eventually, she learned how to relax and have fun with her friends. She is capable of using telepathy to communicate with her trainer as well as other human allies. Thanks to her Gardevoirite necklace and the bond created with her trainer, Luna can summon the power to Mega Evolve into Mega Gardevoir or as Nicole tends to call her, Mega Luna



The only male on Nicole's team, Static feels rather lonely at times but Nicole understands this and does her best to keep the electric type happy. As a wild Pichu, he was the weakest and was constantly being picked on. The constant bullying eventually gave Static a short fuse, making him extremely quick to anger. But Nicole found how to put his anger to good use as the power of his attacks skyrocket under pressure. At first, she thought it was cool but soon began to feel guilty manipulating her friend's emotions just to win. Nowadays, she only uses this tactic in emergencies. Static loves to show off and act tough in front of his teammates though he rarely gets noticed...



As delicate as a rose, Primrose thinks she's just that. The stuck up and snobbish one of the group, she thinks of herself as royalty who deserves only the best. Easily a nuisance to her teammates, she often finds herself fighting with them, making it seemingly impossible to find any common ground. If there's one thing in the world she hates, it's being called a 'Prissy Posy.' While she prefers not to fight, on the battlefield, she shows no mercy for her opponents which is what Nicole likes about her. But there are times when Primrose manages to get along with her teammates and Nicole hopes to see more of them.



At first, Aria was a Sirini that Nicole wasn't really expecting to meet so early in her journey but nowadays, she's glad they met. Aria uses her entrancing voice in battle to charm her opponents into letting their guard down before letting them have it with her signature Siren's Shriek move. Outside of battle, the water/dark-type uses her voice to get what she wants by charming her own trainer though her spoiled attitude mostly ends up backfiring in some way. Despite this, she enjoys Nicole's and her friend's company, having an audience to sing for. She adores singing and harmonizing as well as keeping her physical appearance in check.



The newest member of Nicole's team, Ballora is a ballerina animatronic that was discovered in an underground storage facility that used to be an exclusive girl's only pizzeria. She loves noting more than two things: dancing and scaring the living daylights out of her trainer. As of right now, Ballora's scare streak remains unbroken no matter how much Nicole tries. Recently she's found a friendship in Aria and the two combine their talents to really entertain their teammates and trainer, much to their joy.