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Pokemon Battles X: Pokemon Battles X Episode 2:Delphox Vs Ninetales!

by SonicAaron

SonicAaron Kalos Vs Kanto!
Which one of the two foxes will win in a fight to the death?!
Announcer: It is a bright sunny day in Mt.Pyre but there is something wrong....

How It Started....
Delphox: (Stares At Her Wand)
Whoosh Whoosh!!
Delphox:Who's There?!
Ninetales:Me You Copycat or should I say CopyFox!!
Delphox:Leave Now It's Unsafe Here!
Ninetales: Not till I Kill You!!

This Match Is OutFoxed!!
Ninetales then used Flamethrower as quick as she can!
Delphox:Oh No...
But Delphox used Protect and then Psychic making Ninetales Float!!!
Ninetales: Grrrr
Ninetales: Taste Psychic Too!!
Ninetales then used Psychic as well!
Delphox then used Mystical Fire!
Ninetales: Crap!!
Ninetales Sp.Atk Fell!
Ninetales then used Imprison!
Delphox used Flamethrower but it seemed to fail!
Ninetales:Now You Are Toast!!
Ninetales then used Confuse Ray!
Delphox:Oh Boy.....
Ninetales Used Hyper Beam to finish it!
Delphox suddenly used Trick Room To Block It!!
Delphox: Yes....
Delphox then used Future Sight!
Ninetales: THATS IT!!!
Ninetales then used Flare Blitz!
The Blast was so powerful it took Delphox's arm off!!
Delphox is down....
Ninetales: Yes Heheheh...
Ninetales is at 1 HP
The Future Sight Hit!
The explosion made Ninetales completely destroyed....


Reasons Why Its A Draw
-Delphox is faster
-Ninetales has better moves
-Delphox has more Sp.Atk
-Ninetales has more Sp.Def
-Flare Blitz And Future Sight

The Winner Is....
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  1. MarioVector
    Glad You asked me to help you with the series its an honer!
    Jun 17, 2015
  2. MarioVector
    Aw man I voted for Ninetales
    Jun 17, 2015
  3. SonicAaron
    A Knight and Godzilla....
    Jun 17, 2015