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Pokemon Battle Carnival Ep 1: Welcome to the Battle Carnival!

by Gym_Leader_Aqua

Gym_Leader_Aqua This is a story about a champion who sees the new challenge of the Battle Carnival. And wants to see what awaits for him. In the perspective of the champion.
I woke in from my room realizing that I had become the champion of Kanto a few weeks ago. I looked at my Pokemon team from my bed, I saw all the Pokemon I caught from multiple regions in order for me to become the champion I am now. I got out of bed and collected my Pokemon team to see some trailers along with rides and attractions setting up. I exited the door, and saw the many people watching the construction workers set up around our town.
"Did you here? A new attraction is being set up here!" I saw the man talk to another one of the townspeople.
"Really? What are they building?" I saw the women ask as she watched the workers set up what looked like to be a roller coaster.
"Its a Carnival, with many attractions! I also heard that there was going to be a tournament setting up too." I looked at the man, as I see that he was correct. I saw several trainers and a huge stadium being set up. I continued to watch in awe as I saw a women approach me. She looks like a Bellossom, she dressed that way of course. But she was taller.
"Hi, are you going to participate in the battle Carnival?" She asked as I put my hand on the back of my head.
"Well, I plan to. But I have no idea where to start." The girl looked at me as she winked.
"Well, you can always start at Viridian City. I heard that their Carnival leader is pretty tough." I looked at her with no clue on what she just said.
"Carnival Leader?"
"Yeah. Oh, that's right, you don't know. OK, here's how the Battle Carnival works. In order to be in the Grand Carnival Tournament, you must have five Carnival Badges. Each badge indicates that you have beaten the Leader. A Carnival Leader is like a gym leader, but a lot tougher. Oh my-! I haven't even introduced my self. I'm Sakura." She bows as I smiled towards her.
"I'm Cloyd, the Kano Champion. Well, with my Pokemon team. I've caught many strong Pokemon around he six regions, and want to become even stronger!" Sakura giggled as she smiled.
"Alright, hope to see you soon." I nodded as I started to head back to Viridian City to see what challenge would approach there. When I was leaving, I thought I heard Sakura say something, but I shrugged it off. It sounded like she was saying, "I hope to face you there."