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Pokémon Atero Tournament: Pokémon: Atero Tournament Chapter 2

by Logan Stampede

Logan Stampede Chapter 2

"Oww!" Logan exclaimed as Tyleith finished sewing up his neck wound.

"Quit complaining, you're a big boy Logan." She teased.

"You wouldn't be saying that if this was your neck." He said through gritted teeth.

"If this was my neck, I'd be dead. Benefits of being part of your family, I guess." She finished sewing his flesh together, cut the thread and started to wrap bandages around his neck. "I still can't believe she bit you like this."

"Trust issues by the look of it." Shinx was sitting curled up in the corner of Logans bedroom. The room was red and black like the most of his possessions.

Logans armor was sitting on his bed, his cape neatly folded next to it. The formal black shirt he wore under the armor was around the chair he was in, leaving him in his green A-shirt that was stained with his blood.

"So you can't, you know, pick another Pokemon?" Tyleith asked.

"No, and I don't want to either. Clearly I have to earn her trust. Giving up on her would just go against the point of this." Logan said with finality.

"Alright." Tyleith stood from the chair she was in. "You should be good now. I need to go and change, we're leaving in ten minutes." She went to leave, but stopped the second her hand was on the doorknob. "Oh My God." She said, her voice filled with newfound excitement. "We're actually leaving!" And with that she ran out.

Logan smiled, knowing how excited she was to see the outside world. He was happy that she would finally see it. However, the thought of the outside world filled him with anxiety, possibly more than the throne room did.

He shook the anxiety away and focused on the task at hand. He pulled off the bloody A-shirt, cleaned his chest with a wet towel, and put on a new, identical green A-shirt. Then he replaced his black formal pants with his favorite black sweatpants. Then he put on a black long sleeve shirt, then a red T-shirt over that. He kept his black leather boots on though, he liked the way they felt on his feet, plus the metal toes were always nice to have.

Logan checked himself over in his mirror and sighed. He turned around and grabbed his shoulder bag that was filled with everything he would need outside of the island and threw it over his shoulder.

Logan opened his door and turned to Shinx. "Time to go." She growled at him, but she stood and reluctantly followed him out of his bedroom.


A few minutes later, Logan stood at the island docks, where a yacht sat waiting for them. Or rather, they were waiting for Tyleith. She was late, and Shinx was starting to to get impatient. She was pacing back and forth around him, occasionally letting sparks fly off of her tail.

Finally, Tyleith came running down the pier. A backpack over her shoulder and a smile on her face. "What kept you?" Logan asked.

Tyleith smiled sheepishly. "Turns out that I forgot to pack." She was out of the black servant uniform she usually wore, which would have looked out of place on the outside world. Instead, she was wearing black tights, with denim shorts and a pink cutoff T-shirt over it, with pink sneakers. Her long brown hair was still tied up in a ponytail but was held up with a big pink scrunchy instead of her usual bonnet.

Standing next to her was her own Pokemon, a female Timburr. "Nice to see you again, Nash." Logan greeted the small Pokemon, who greeted him back. Nash the Timburr looked at Shinx and greeted her in Poke-Speak. Shinx just growled back at her. Nash looked upset that her friendly greeting was so rudely rejected, then pouted. Timburr were short bipedal Pokemon of the Fighting type that were native to Unova. They were gray and covered in pink, vein like protrusions that reached out from their thick muscles. They all carried squared logs twice as big as their bodies. Where they got these logs was a mystery, it was almost like they born with them.

Logan tried to defuse the situation before the two Pokemon started fighting. "Come on, let's get going."

"Come on Nash." Tyleith said to her Pokemon.

The four of them climbed on board the yacht where they were greeted by one of Tyleiths older sisters, Stephanie. Like all of Tyleiths sisters, Stephanie looked almost identical to her. The only real difference was that Stephanie was clearly older and taller than Tyleith, as she was in her late twentys.

"Hey you two." She greeted. "Ready to get going?"

"Yeah!" Tyleith exclaimed. "Let's ditch this rock already!"

"Alright, jeez Tyleith. It's not like this is your home or anything." Stephanie said with surprised sarcasm before moving to man the helm of the ship.

Logan moved below deck to yachts bedrooms, where he threw his bag on one of the beds and sat in an armrest chair. Shinx jumped on the bed, curled up, and quickly went to sleep.

Tyleith sat in the chair next to him, Nash the Timburr sitting on the floor next to her. "It's really happening!" She was practically bouncing in the chair with excitement. "I feel like when we were kids and used to talk about this! And now it's really happening!"

Logan leaned back in his chair as the yacht rocked gently with motion. "Yeah." He said with a hint of dread. "It is."


A few hours later, Logan woke with a start. He looked around the cabin and realized that he had fallen asleep in his chair. He must have been more tired than he had realized. It was night now, Tyleith was asleep in her bed with her Timburr as she often did. She must have let him sleep.

He checked his watch, seeing that it was now past four in the morning. He had slept for at least twelve hours. He left the cabin and went up to the deck, the sea gently rocked the ship as it sailed throughout the night.

In a couple more hours it would be light, and they will have reached land. He stared out into the distance, wondering if his older Brother had felt so nervous about going on his journey. Logan felt his insides had come to life and were trying to escape.

They were headed to the Atero region, a relatively new country compared to places like Kalos or Kanto that was founded solely for the Tournerment. It was only a couple years younger than Unova, but it was just as large, it was a pinnacle of modern society. Pokemon from all over the world lived there so it was a natural wonder as well.

He wondered what exactly was in store for him there, and hoped he could handle it.