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Pokemon: Alola Adventure: Pokemon Alola Adventure Part 2

by EvanLeon

EvanLeon The 3 trainers get their first Pokémon and meet 2 other trainers that will join them on their adventure...
The 3 trainers walked up Route 1 to Iki Town. "Hey, We have been waiting" Called out a voice. A old man walked up to them and said. "Hello Welcome to Iki Town. This is where you will get you first Pokémon. And Also, there is 2 other trainer here.And my name is Hala. I'm a Kahuna. You battle me after your trials on this island." Said Hala. They walked up the path to a platform where another man and 2 other trainers were standing. "Hello, My name is Professor Kukui." Said Kukui. "Hi My name is Chris."Said Chris. "And My name is Aspen. Nice to meet you." Said Aspen. "Well here are the Pokémon you can choose from." Said Hala as he threw out 3 Pokeballs and Pokémon Popped out. "This is Rowlet. He is a Grass Flying Type."Said Hala "Koo" said the tiny bird. "This is Litten. It is a Fire type." "Meowww" said the cat. "Finally, This is Popplio. A water Type." "Bwark Bwark" said the sea lion. "So what do you choose.?" Asked Hala. "Hmmmmm Ill choose Popplio." Said Evan. "Bwark Bwark Bwark"
"Ill choose Rowlet" Said Hau with Excitement in his voice. "Koo Koo Koo" "Then Ill Choose Litten" Said Moon. "Moewww" "These 2 trainers will join you." Said Hala. "Ok" Aspen and Chris said. "Ok Off to the first trial!!"Evan Yelled. They Ran off down the path to Hau,oli City.

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