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Pokemon: Alola Adventure: Pokemon: Alola Adventure Part 1

by EvanLeon

EvanLeon Evan Starts his adventure and meets 2 other kids.
Evan got out of his bed and looked at the clock. "Oh crap, I'm gonna be late!" He yelled while putting on his cloths. He ran down the steps and yelled "Bye Mom!" "Bye, make sure to get a cute Pokémon."
He ran out the door and up route 1. There he saw 2 kids. 1 boy and 1 girl. The boy had green hair, a black t-shirt, an amulet necklace, orange and yellow pants, and an orange back pack. The girl had black hair, a red hat, a white shirt with yellow and pink spots, green shorts, and a red bag. "Hi!" Evan called. "Oh Hello" The boy called "My name is Hau" Hau called. "And my name is Moon" She called "We have been waiting for you." "Well lets get our first Pokémon." Evan said. "Ok" Hau and Moon said.

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