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Pokemon Adventures: Pokemon Adventures: The Ghost Girl

by PCDominic

PCDominic Our heroes, Dominic, Amanda, Lily, Jack and Nathan are five friends who come face to face with problems every single week, follow their adventures as they solve one of the biggest pokemon mysteries ever. But who knows what could happen?

The Ghost Girl senses a group of people approaching. She has to get ready, and quick.
Jack stood by the Pokemon Center in Lumiose City, waiting for the arrival of his friends, Dominic and Lily. He was accompanied by another boy by the name of Nathan. They had pokemon with them as well, Jack’s Manetric and Nathan’s Gengar.

“So they’ll be here soon?” Asked Nathan.

“They should be.” Replied Jack.

“Hmph. I’ll want to battle Dominic again.” Said Nathan coolly.

“Oh, Nathan, why do you constantly want to battle him?” snapped Jack.

“Because.” Said Nathan.

“Because what?” replied Jack.

“Because Because.” Said Nathan. Jack rolled his eyes. His flipped open his Pokenav and began to check the news.

“The Gourgeist festival looms as we speak, for it will be starting this very afternoon, so good luck to all the competitors for Lumiose City’s annual Pumpkaboo Run!” Said a woman on the Pokenav screen. “The course will between Lumiose city and Laverre city. The challenge is to find a special token at a station between Lumiose and Laverre, which then needs to be taken to Laverre, and the first team of four trainers to get there first wins!” and the screen changed to talk about Pokemon Trainer tips.

Jack shoved the Pokenav back into his bag.

“Man, the completion is going to be rough this year.” Sighed Jack.

“Whatever, I’m only competing for that prize of Pokemon Vitamins.” Said Nathan.

“Always in for a chance to buff up Gengar,” mumbled Jack, “Hey!- Look! It’s them!” There were four figures approaching them, two of which were Dominic and Lily, the other two a Lucario belonging to Dominic and a Tyrannitar belonging to Lily.

“Hey guys!” yelled Dominic.

“Great to see you Dominic!” Said Jack. Manetric, Gengar, Tyrannitar and Lucario exchanged greetings to each as well.

“Hey, Dominic, how about a battle?” said Nathan.

“Always the constant battler, aren’t you?” Laughed Dominic “Well, you won’t stop bothering me until we do, so I accept.” Said Dominic.

Nathan and Dominic stood at both sides of a battlefield beside the pokemon center. Jack was the judge of the match, and looked both ends of the battlefield. Lucario and Gengar stood by their by their respected trainers.

“Battle begin!” Yelled Jack.

“Use Shadow Ball!” Yelled Nathan.

“Dodge it and counter with Bullet Punch!” Yelled Dominic. Gengar shot a purple ball of light at Lucario, who dodged it with incredible speed and shot forwards, and Lucario’s left fist turned Silver, and hit it Gengar spot on. Gengar skidded backwards, wincing slightly.

“Psychic Gengar.” Said Nathan coolly. Gengar’s eyes turned plasma blue and Lucario was lifted into the air, and then was slammed into the ground.

“Get up Lucario!” Yelled Dominic. Lucario sprang up, puffing like Gengar was. “Finish it with Bullet Punch!” Yelled Dominic.

“Take em’ down with Shadow Claw, Gengar!” Yelled Nathan. Both Pokemon ran at each other, and crash! There was a puff of smoke, and both Pokemon lay fainted.

“Both Pokemon are unable to battle! The battle is a tie!” Yelled Jack.

“Hmph. Good Battle, return Gengar.” Said Nathan, and he used a poke ball and Gengar disappeared.

“Fantastic Battle Lucario, you deserve a good rest.” Said Dominic and he did the same.

Once both pokemon were healed, it was nearly evening. Everyone dressed in their costumes, and met outside the pokemon center. Jack had dressed in a Gliscor costume, Lily in a Sceptile costume, Dominic in a Poochyena outfit and Nathan, reluctantly, in a Rampardos outfit.

“I hate these things.” Snapped Nathan as they were lined up beside everyone else in the competition.

“Oh, lighten up, we only have to wear them tonight.” Said Jack.

“C’mon, they aren’t that bad.” Said Lily.

“You three do know that Route 121 is pretty much a marshland that you can sink in up to your waist, right?” Said Dominic worriedly.

“WHAAAAT??!!” Yelled Jack and Lily together.

“Now what?” moaned Lily.

“Don’t worry! I’ve prepared for this!” said Dominic “Bergmite! C’mon out!” Dominic threw a Poke ball in the air. A small, ice pokemon appeared.

“Aww, it’s adorable!” cooed Lily.

“Yes, yes, but he knows the Move Ice Beam, which we can freeze the water with and avoid wading through the marshes unlike the others team.” Announced Dominic.

“Now that’s a plan!” Exclaimed Jack. And so the teams lined up, and everyone was nervous, all in costumes, waited.

“On the count on three,” Yelled the man organizing the event, “One… Two… THREE!” All the teams set off down route 121. Bolt was on Dominic’s shoulder at the time, and jumped off as the organizer said go.

The trainers leapt into the water, and began wading. There was pushing and shoving to get past the others.

“Use Ice Beam Bergmite!” Yelled Dominic. Bergmite shot a beam of blue electricity at the water, forming a clear path for the team. They ran across it, other trainer looking in shock as the rushed past. The team snatched first place easily, and Bergmite continued to freeze the water to get past. They reached a bank, but this time, they had diverging paths.

“Which way?” Panted Jack. The costumes they wore were rather heavy.

“Right.” Said Lily.

“Right then.” Said Dominic. They kept running, and then it started raining heavily. It made their costume wet and damp.

“I hoped we weren’t getting wet on this run.” Snapped Nathan.

“Hey! I have no control over the weather!” Dominic retorted.

“Stop bickering and keep moving!” scolded Lily. They kept running. At last they saw a house, were they could get shelter.

“That could be the station!” Yelled Jack. They ran to the door. Jack knocked. No answer. He knocked again. No answer. He opened the door.

Don’t go inside you idiot!” snapped Dominic.

“Why not?” retorted Jack.

“Because if no one’s there we need to find the real station!” said Dominic, rather annoyed.

“How do you not know it’s the station? The Gourgeist Festival is the time to play tricks, you know.” Replied Jack.

“Bergmite…” moaned Bergmite quietly.

“Even Bergmite doesn’t like it!” snapped Dominic.

“Oh whatever, let’s just go inside.” Groaned Nathan. They moved inside. It was old and creepy, just like a haunted house. They moved inside. The door slammed shut behind them.

“ACK!” Yelled Dominic. Then they heard a sound which made their stomachs constrict themselves, the sound of a little girl laughing dreamily. They turned around to face the huge staircase in front of them. A little girl was on top of it. In a slowed down, dreamy way, she was laughing. The group all blinked, and the girl disappeared. Dominic went for the door instantly. Typically, it was locked.

“Oh no…” mumbled Dominic quietly.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have come here after all.” Said Jack, very white now.

“I think we should look for another way out.” Suggested Lily feebly.

“C’mon, you aren’t scared of ghosts, are you?” snorted Nathan. “If you haven’t noticed, Gengar is a ghost.”.

“Well, mister Smarty pants that was a human ghost, not a pokemon ghost, Gengar is still a pokemon, who can be caught and battled, but human ghosts? They can’t be caught.” Snapped Dominic.

“Let’s just try to get out, ok?” suggested Lily. The group moved to the dining hall, which had been set already, and a strong smell of rotten food lingered.

“Yuck!” snorted Jack. As they moved along, there was a small clattering sound.

“What’s that?” Stuttered Dominic. All the cutlery rose into the air and shot straight at them. They all ducked, and ran in different directions. The team split up in all the chaos, leaving more vulnerable and weaker. They were facing the Ghost Girl.

Nathan found himself rushing down some stairs and into the boiler room. It was full of old machines such as microwaves, fans, washing machines, fridges and even a lawnmower. He looked around. There was a huge gas tank in front of him, and a little flickering lightbulb. He stared at the lightbulb. It began to flicker more violently overtime until there was a bang and glass flew everywhere. Nathan shielded himself against the blow, and the Rampardos costume was so thick that the glass didn’t pierce his skin. He looked up. There were five orange pokemon floating in front of him.

“Rotom! Rotom!” Giggled the pokemon. They flew into the surrounding machines. They instantly came alive, and the five of forms of Rotom appeared; Heat, Wash, Frost, Fan and Mow Rotom. They attacked Nathan all at once, and Nathan ducked and slid underneath them, the stand beside the boiler. They faced him, and began charging their signature attacks. In the wild hope we could escape, Nathan slammed a button on the boiler, the floor beneath him disappeared. He shot through a short tunnel and was thrown outside the house. He looked back at it. The others were still in there.

Lily found herself in the Master Bedroom, panting hard. She had run the whole staircase upstairs. She had seen Nathan downstairs, and she hoped he was alright. The room was massive, and a huge bed was in front of her, and there were numerous closets and drawers. She moved towards the bed. There was a small, grey doll thing on it, supported by nothing, sat upright and facing her. Chills ran down her spine as she watched it. Suddenly, two red lights appeared on it. It was no doll. It was a pokemon.

“Banette… Banette…” moaned the pokemon. Lily let out a scream. The Pokemon shot at her. She ducked, as she felt the tip of the Blaziken costume brushed against the pokemon. He ran towards the bed, and the Pokemon, suspended in air, stopped and the red glow turned plasma blue, and Lily drifted into the air. Lily screamed again. The pokemon hurtled her throw the window, smashing it. She felt solid ground hit her face.

“Lily! Are you alright??!” Yelled a voice. Lily looked up into the white face of Nathan.

“There was a Banette and it attacked me!” whimpered Lily.

“I got attacked by a horde of Rotom, and only just escaped.” Panted Nathan.

“Were are the others?” asked Lily. Nathan took in a sharp intake of breath. Dominic and Jack were still in there.

Dominic found himself in the library. The towering selves of books were ominous.

“G-g-get b-back in y-your p-p-poke ball Bergmite…” stuttered Dominic. Bergmite returned to its poke ball.

“You too, Bolt.” Stuttered Dominic, but Bolt refused.

“Ok then.” Said Dominic. He looked up. A floating sign had just appeared in front of him. Dominic fell backwards. He looked at what the sign read; only the smartest can escape this reading wonderland, it read. It dissolved into a haze of smoke, in an instant. The words rang in Dominic’s head, only the smartest can escape this reading wonderland; only the smartest can escape this reading wonderland. It was scary. He moved inwards. There was a clink from above. Dominic looked up. There was a huge chandelier, emitting purple flames. It slowly turned around, and Dominic screamed. There was a face on it, a face with yellow eyes, and Dominic still felt scared out of his wits even as he realized what it was; a Chandelure. The Chandelure set an energy ball attack at him, and Dominic ran for it. Bolt shot a Thunderbolt at it. He came face to face with a wall with different symbols on it; the Unown language. Another appeared again. Work out the code to escape, or become Chandelure’s new friend! Dominic scanned the symbols. Luckily he knew the Unknown Language. It read: The code starts with L, and ends with K, and it the first evolution of your soon-to-be friend. Dominic racked his brains. The first prevolution of Chandelure was Shuppet- no, Gastly- no! It was…

“LITWICK!” Yelled Dominic. The tile flipped and Dominic and Bolt were flung throw a chimney and into the air. His nose suddenly hit solid ground.

“Dominic!” Yelled two voices. Lily and Nathan came running to him.

“There… was… a… Chandelure… in… the… library…” Dominic panted. Pikachu had fainted beside Dominic already.

“Well, we’ve just escaped ghosts as well.” Laughed Nathan sarcastically but scared.

“Only Jack now…” whispered Lily quietly, and they looked up at the towering figure of the house.

Jack looked the immense Ball Room, with a pattern of an amazing legendary bird pokemon printed on the floor. Jack felt like he was being watched. He thought he should bring Manetric out.

“Manetric, come out.” Said Jack quietly. He pulled out his poke ball, and it opened and Manetric appeared. Manetric instantly started to watch their surroundings. A moment later, the ghost girl appeared again. Jack gasped and watched the Ghost Girl giggle. It was unnerving, but Jack had to hold onto hope.

“Let me out.” Said Jack. The Girl stopped laughed, and a look of sadness came upon her face.

“Why though…?” She said.

“Because I don’t belong here.” Said Jack. The Girl looked even more upset now.

“Ok then… but only if you beat me in a pokemon battle…” She said.

“Fine.” Said Jack steely.

“Dusknoir… Let’s play with this boy and his pokemon…” Said The Ghost Girl.

A Dusknoir appeared out from the ceiling. It instantly used Shadow Ball on Manetric, who managed to dodge it.

“Thunderbolt!” Yelled Jack. Dusknoir was shot by a bolt of electricity, and then was luckily paralyzed.

Dusknoir recoiled with Ice Beam, which missed Manetric again.

“Flamethrower Manetric!” Yelled Jack. Dusknoir was it with a shower of flames.

“Great!” Said Jack. He looked back at the Ghost Girl, but the Ghost was on the floor, and a Haunter had taken her position. It was watching the battle, but it flew back into the Girl’s body when it saw Jack watching.

“Mane!” said Manetric. Jack whirled around. Manetric’s back legs were frozen by Ice Beam. In time it had taken for Jack to look at Haunter, Dusknoir had frozen Manetric with Ice Beam. Manetric struggled. Dusknoir was preparing an attack. Manetric struggled some more. Jack had only one hope.

“USE THUNDER MANETRIC!!” Jack yelled at the top of his voice. Manetric shot a colossal beam of electricity. It hit Dusknoir directly, causing a critical hit. Dusknoir dropped to the ground, fainted.

“I beat you, Haunter.” Said Jack. Manetric had broken from the ice now, and he stood by Jack.

“Oh well, I’ll let you go this time, boy.” Said a voice that didn’t belong to the Girl. “But I’ll get you another day, oh yes.” And there was a blinding flash of light, and Jack and Manetric found themselves facing the horrified faces of Lily, Nathan and Dominic. Lily flung herself at Jack and gripped him hard.

“Oh Jack, are you alright?” Said Lily.

“Yes, I am, Lily.” Said Jack. “And I had a pokemon battle against the Ghost Girl, who was actually being possessed by a Haunter.

“Woah.” Said Nathan.

“Two things quickly.” Said Dominic, butting in on the reunion a bit. “But where is the house?” Indeed, the whole house had disappeared.

“And Secondly, The Pumpkaboo Run?” He said. Gesturing towards a token lying on the ground.

“Hey, that’s a token we need!” Said Nathan.

“Let’s go then!” Said Jack. He scooped up the token and the group ran back to the other pathway and continued to Laverre City. As it turned out, the ribbon for First place had not been split yet. Ran at it, and there on the other side was Amanda and Nurse Joy.

“Congratulations!” Said Nurse Joy “Your team was here first.

“WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?” Yelled Lily, Dominic and Jack.

“But there was this house-“Said Lily.

“And there was ghosts in it-“Said Dominic.

“And the ghost tried to kill us-“Said Nathan.

“And we only just escaped!” Gasped Jack.

“Ghosts, you say?” Said a man standing beside Nurse Joy. The man was wearing a blue shirt with black trouser and had black, messy hair.

“Professor Sycamore!” Gasped Dominic, “There were ghosts in there! Some Rotom tried to kill Nathan in the basement, a Banette threw Lily out of a window in the Bedroom, a Chandelure tried to kill me in the Library and Jack had a pokemon battle with the ghost of a girl!” Dominic panted.

“Wow, this is interesting, maybe people should know this.” Said Sycamore. “I’ll get it onto the BuzzNav severs. This would be an interesting story. Could you recount what happened in more detail?” And so the group told Sycamore what happened, each telling what they had to go up against. But they had won, and got the vitamins, which Dominic had special pokemon food with the vitamins mixed in. And so when dawn rose, the four confused winners were slumped in beds sleeping.

Four days later, a letter arrived in Laverre city addressed to Dominic.

“What’s that?” Asked Amanda as a Mail Pidgey dropped in and threw the letter into Dominic’s hands.

“A letter, by the looks of it.” Said Lily.

“Well, open it.” Said Jack.

“Alright then.” Said Dominic, he tore off the sealing, and read the letter inside.

Dear Dominic, Amanda, Lily, Jack, and Nathan,

I know you might be busy, but I need some information for my research, and this information is at Shalour City. You may be wondering what my research involves, and I will tell you. I have been researching Mega Evolution, the power which few pokemon undertake. And what is more, Gengar, Manetric, Tyrannitar, Gardevoir and Lucario can all Mega Evolve using special stones! And so, the Information. There is a rumor that there is a cave full of Keystones and Mega stones there, (Key Stone and Mega Stones are needed for Mega Evolution) and it would be extraordinary if we could get these! They would be very helpful for my research, and there is supposed to be Mega Stones for your pokemon there as well! (The Genagrite, Manetricite, Tyrannitarite, Gardevoirite and Lucarioite) And there should hundreds of Key Stones as well! So I would appreciate if you could search for this fabled cave.

Yours Truthfully, Professor Sycamore

“Woah! Mega Evolution? I’m up for that!” Said Jack excitedly. “I cannot wait to see what Mega Manetric looks like!” And started bouncing around gleefully.

“Sure, I’ll go.” Said Lily.

“I’m coming too!” Said Amanda.

“I’m only coming for that Genagrite.” Said Nathan coolly.

“What about you Dominic?” asked Amanda, but Dominic was skiving away in a huge and battered book.

“Dominic, what’s that?” asked Jack. Dominic looked surprised for a split second, but then shook his head and stuffed the book back in his bag.

“That was just a book, and yes, I will go to Shalour City with you.” Said Dominic.

Our Heroes next adventure was to take place in Shalour City soon, and they were excited. They were about to dive deeper into the mysteries of Mega Evolution, and were getting closer to the end, but their adventure,

Was only just beginning…

The Pokemon was furious. A servant of his had utterly failed to protect the Shadow Spirit, and it now chewed away at an innocent Pikachu’s soul. Even worse, it started to travel with a boy. That boy had now managed to walk into another one of his servants' hiding place and the Memory Spirit had flown into that Pikachu’s soul. That Pikachu was a danger to the people, pokemon and even itself now. He must take the souls from the Pikachu, without harm. He called for another servant of his. He ordered it to appear in the cave the boy was heading for. The world was at stake now.
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