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Pokemon: Adventures in Kanto: Chapter 3

by Shiny Hunter Cody

Shiny Hunter Cody
I got to Viridian City and ran straight into the Pokémon center. The inside was lit up really well. Huge ceiling lights, and a quartz interior fit really well together. "Excuse me" a wonam's voice said. I turned to see a pink-haired lady in a nurse uniform. "May we help you?" She asked with a smike. "Umm, yes, are you the Nurse?" I asked. "That's right." she replied. "Well, yeah my Eevee's doing pretty bad. I need you to fix her up please." I said showing the woman my Eevee. "Ooh a Shiny Eevee?" she exclaimed. "How adorable". "Of course, we'll have her fulled healed in an hour." she replied. "Ok then, thank you." I handed her Eevee. "See you in an hour Eevee." I told my Pokémon. "Man one hour?" I said to myself. I decided to go sightseeing Viridian City. I stepped out if the Pokémon Center and took in the sights of the city. There were a lot of trees around the city's outline. I saw different Pokémon running around playing with their Trainers and other Pokémon. I walked over to near the exit of the city and saw a Pokémon Gym. I git excited. A Pokémon Gym meant Eevee and me could go for our first Gym Badge! I went over to the gym when an old man spoke to me. "You there." he said. "Me?" I asked, pointing to myself. "Yes, you. This Gym is not in use at the moment. The Gym Leader up and left." he told me. "Sorry whippersnapper." he laughed. "Oh, ok then." I said, heading back. On my way back to the Pokémon Center, I noticed somebody just entering Viridian City.
There she was. Blue coat, white shirt, matching trousers, blue shoes and her signature orange hair, Misty. My draw dropped. I had always admired Misty when I was young, but now seeing her in person it was much different. Misty was one of the prettiest girls I'd ever seen in my life. All of sudden I froze. She was heading in my direction. "Why?" I thought. 'Wh-what does she want?" She stood right in front of me. We were about the same height. "Excuse me." she said. I shook off my excitement and answered. "Uhh umm y-yes?" I replied. "Yeah,  I was just wondering if you could help me with something." she asked. My eyes lit up. "M-me? Uh sure. Anything you need." I said, grinning. She smiled. "Ok." she replied. The smile disappeared. "Well, can you GET OUT OF THE WAY DIMWIT?" she yelled. Not even answering, I moved, and watched as she left for Viridian Forest. I was surprised she done that. But even better, SHE TALKED TO ME! I screamed in my thoughts. I looked at the time. It was almost time to get Eevee, so I rushed over to the Pokémon Center and went to collect my Pokémon.
"Thank you for your patience." said the Nurse, holding Eevee. "We've healed your Pokémon to full health! Your Pokémon look fighting fit!" Eevee jumped into my arms. "Hey Eevee! How are you doing?" I said to the Pokémon. "Veeeeee Eeveeee" it said happily. "Thanks Nurse." I said. "No problem, we hope to see you again." Eevee and I left the Pokémon Center. "Well Eevee, I think our next target is Pewter City." I declared as we walked to the Exit Gate of Viridian. "Vee" Eevee chirped in response. I stopped in my tracks, an old man was asleep on the ground and presumably his granddaughter was next to him. "Umm miss, is this man OK?" I asked, worried. "Oh? Sorry about this. My Grandpa passed out from his, uhh, lack of coffee. He'll be up soon." the girl reassuringly said. "Oh ok then." I said. "Well Eevee, looks like we gotta wait." I said upset. "Well, let's go the PokéMart and chill out there." I suggested. As we entered the PokéMart a clerk called me over. "You're from Pallet Town, right? You must know Professor Oak. Please take this parcel to him." before I could respond, he gave me a box with Oak's name on it and sent me back out. "Huh?" I said confused. "Umm, well I guess we're visiting the Professor?" I said to Eevee. Eevee looked excited. "Well, let's go then!" And with that, we headed to Pallet Town.In Pallet Town, we headed straight for the lab.
"Professor!" I said as I walked inside. "Professor, I have a parcel for you." I called out. Professor Oak appeared in front of seemingly out of nowhere. "Aha! That's the special PokéBall I ordered from Johto!" he said taking the package. "Thank you Cody" he placed the package on the table. "How's your Eevee doing?" he asked. "Take a look for yourself" I said. "Why, Hello there Eevee." the Professor said to the Pokémon. "Vee" Eevee greeted Professor Oak. "Well it certainly seems like you're growing a good friendship with your Pokémon." he told me. "Anyways, I hope to see you soon, good luck." he said. "Ok, thanks Professor." I replied and we left.
Back in Viridian City, we noticed the old man still hadn't got up. I groaned. "Let's go out here, and do some training Eevee." I said pointing to a field, Route 23. Eevee liked the idea.
Flame the Trainer likes this.