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Pokemon Adventures in Johto: Pokemon Adventures in Johto

by Fire Blaze

Fire Blaze I lied there are four parts to this!!!!! >:D
Chapter 8:APPLES!!!!!!
Tom:So you are also trying to get out of here?
Yellow:That is right.
Tom:So.......Lets eat!!!!
Pika:Lets climb up that apple tree!!!
Yellow:You can't climb, but I can use my fishing pole.*Launches fishing pull at apple tree, but misses*CRAP!!!! It is to high.
Tom:I got it!!!!:D*Launches Pika in the air at the tree*He hit it!!!!
Pika:*falls down*I got 10 apples and a Eevee.
Yellow:An Eevee. I got to add that to my Pokedex.*pulls out notebook and pencil*
Tom:We got a tough one here.
Freddy:Oh shut up!!!>=O
Tom:Anger issues!:)

To Be Continued
  1. Fire Blaze
    Fire Blaze
    me workin on part 9 right now Piky......
    Oct 10, 2015
  2. Alice's dead account
    Alice's dead account
    The story never had a part 9,THEN EVERYONE DIED! THE END!
    Oct 10, 2015
  3. Fire Blaze
    Fire Blaze
    If i get at least 15 likes then ill make the next part
    Jul 17, 2015
  4. Fire Blaze
    Fire Blaze
    The Eevee(Freddy) was created by Pika Ana and Yellow was added in by my brother.(hackmaster)
    May 31, 2015
    Kimaka Pringle and Pika Ana like this.