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Pokemon Adventures in Johto: Pokemon Adventures in Johto

by Fire Blaze

Fire Blaze
Chapter 3: Pokemon can talk!?!?!?!?!?
Tom:Any Pokemon can't talk!
Peaches:Well you can hear us.
Tom:Yes, but its not possible.
Sparks:Well the lets see.
Tom:Okay.....How many fingers am I holding up.
Zap, Sparks, and Peaches:We're newborn Pichus so we don't know!
Zippy:That's easy, you're holding up 3 and a half fingers.
Tom:Well we have a smart one.What about the others?
Sparks:I came out first.
Peaches:I um.......I am um......
Zap:She's probably the shy one.
Tom:I can see that, and one of you 2 are strong.*Points at Sparks and Zap*
Zap:I can lift up a boulder.*Lifts up boulder*
Sparks:I can too.*Doesn't even lift up a boulder*
Tom:Zap is the strong one, and we'll make Sparks the leader because he came out of the egg first.
Sparks:*whispers* Yes.
Tom:Okay, lets start our journey.

To Be Continued
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    Great job man! Number 3!!
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