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Pokemon Adventure: Pokemon Adventure Chapter 6

by Dim Dim

Dim Dim Chapter 6. Character submissions are open. Tell me your name, pokemon in your party, and what kind of occupation you have in the book.
Sorry, I didn't feel like doing this story, since I was kinda slacking, and I have homework and Naruto to deal with. :(

I opened my eyes to see sunlight coming out from the window. I sat up to see Sneasel vigorously running across the room, Riolu squished together, trying to sleep, and Stephanie on the other side, still asleep with her pokemon. Kicking the blanket off, I stretch my arms and legs out. Riolu rolls over on his back as I did so.

I step out of the bed, looking at Sneasel, who was still being his foolish self. I walk over to him and I picked him up. Sneasel squirmed as I held him, he's finicky.

"Sneasel," I started. "Can you please stop that? Stephanie, Piplup, Charmander, and Riolu are still asleep."

Sneasel crossed his arms, and I brought him back down to his feet. Sneasel plopped down on his bottom and sat down. I turned around to see Riolu, turning around in his sleep. I stroked Riolu's forehead, and Riolu's eyes opened up to slits, but he closed them again.

Behind me, Stephanie yawned, in sync with her pokemon. Was a bond already started to forge between her, Piplup, and Charmander?

"Good morning, Stephanie." I said.

"Good morning, Dim," she said as she looked down on her pokemon. "and good morning to you, too!" Stephanie's hands wrestled with PIplup's and Charmander's heads.

I sat down on my bed, but then I thought of something. Breakfast. What are we going to have?

Stephanie was getting up, folding her blankets with Piplup and Charmander curiously watching.

"Excuse me, Stephanie?" I said. "What are we going to have for breakfast?" I asked.

"Haven't you read the brochure? There's a cafe for people and pokemon!" she said. "Have you been studying it? I stayed up late studying it myself."

Brochures? I doubt that they have them. But then Stephanie turned to a table, and picked up a piece of paper and showed it to me.

"See?" she said.

The brochure had a picture of a cruise ship on it, and a Dewott and a Mudkip standing.

"Sorry, I don't think I was aware of it." I confessed.

"Thought so," Stephanie said. "Let's go!"

Sneasel and Riolu on my shoulder and Piplup and Charmander on Stephanie's, we rushed over to this "cafe" the ship has.

"Why are we running?" I asked. There was no rush, also, we could slip if we weren't careful.

"The cafe is popular, especially during breakfast, so it gets filled up quickly." Stephanie said.

"I see." I said.

I could see something in front of me. An elevator!

"Look, Stephanie! An elevator!" I said.

"Great! Let's go!" she said.

We slowed down as we approached the elevator, and Stephanie pressed the down button. The elevator doors eventually opened up, but we were introduced by Flame and some other girl I didn't recognize with a Fennekin on her left shoulder and a Pawniard on her right shoulder.

"Flame!" I said. "Such a place to see you here!"

"Hey, Dim. This is Mal," Flame said, elbowing the girl. "come in, we were just talking about you!" he said.

Stephanie and I stepped into the empty space of the elevator. The button to go to the cafe was already pressed, looks like Mal and Flame are going the same place we are going.

"So Flame beat you in a battle." Mal said to me.

"Yes, he did," I said. "he's a strong trainer." I said.

Flame looked over to see Stephanie. "I don't think we had a proper introduction yet." Flame said to Stephanie.

"Yeah," Stephanie said. "You're Flame, Mal and Dim called you that. I'm Stephanie, I'm traveling with Dim." she said.

"Nice," Flame said. "I'm traveling with Mal."

The elevator door opened up to a plaza, scattered with people everywhere. We could see the cafe, it wasn't far, but the place looked liked it was crowded, as if you pour too much water in your glass when you're not careful, and it all spills out.

"Come on, let's go." Flame said as he walked out.

We avoided each person as we were walking in order not to hit them. Flame, Mal, Stephanie, and I were able to get to the cafe. The lines weren't long, but many tables were filled up.

A waitress walked over to us. "Hello, welcome to Combee Cafe, may I guide you to your seat please?" she asked.

"Yes, please." I answered.

"We are pretty full today, so you might have to share a seat with someone." she said as we were following her.

She stopped at a table of six with two people, not showing their faces. "Here are your seats, enjoy your time here!" she said.

One of the people turned around to see us, and it was Lucas.