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Pokemon Adventure: Pokemon Adventure Chapter 4

by Dim Dim

Dim Dim Chapter 4. Character submissions are open. Tell me your name, pokemon in your party, and what kind of occupation you have in the book.
Flame and I walked over to the battlefield. We gave each other daring looks, since we were both determined about our battle.

"Since we both have two pokemon," Flame said. "it will be a 2 on 2 battle."

"I accept this challenge." I replied.

"OK, go Eevee!" Eevee jumped onto the battlefield.

"Alright, Riolu, I choose you!" I said. "Use quick attack!"

Riolu ran over in zig-zags over to Eevee, and bowled her over. Eevee got up to her paws again and stared at Riolu.

"Our turn, Eevee use covet!" Flame said.

Eevee smiled sweetly and approached Riolu. Then, Eevee attacked by pushing Riolu's hip. Riolu stood back up again after the attack.

"Um..." I didn't know many of Riolu's moves, to be honest. Since Riolu recently hatched, his current moves are quick attack, foresight, and endure. I wasn't sure if Eevee would be able to take Riolu out in the next hit, so I wouldn't use endure. I know Eevee's evasion isn't very high, so I wouldn't use foresight. I could use quick attack, but Eevee might be able to counter it.

"Eevee use covet again!" Flame said. Like last time, Eevee approached Riolu happily.

Suddenly, my mouth opened. "Riolu, dodge it!" Riolu slid to the side as Eevee was about to push him down. Eevee skidded just when she was about to jump onto Riolu and push him down again.

"Now use quick attack!" I said. I never felt so ALIVE before, so much excitement in a pokemon battle, is this what it means to be a pokemon trainer?

Riolu dashed over to Eevee, in zig-zags, like last time. Once he got close to Eevee, Riolu tackled down Eevee on her side.

Eevee squirmed around, trying to get out. Riolu pounced back to give Eevee space. Eevee tried to stand up, but wobbled around as she did so.

"Eevee, you can do it! Use tackle!" Flame said.

Eevee straightened herself out and dashed toward Riolu. She was so fast, I didn't have time to think or spit out the words that stuck in my mouth. Eevee pinned down Riolu with a big push. Riolu slid out of Eevee's grasp, and stood back up again.

From what I saw, it looked like Riolu and Eevee didn't have much health left.

"Now, Riolu, use quick attack!" I said. If Eevee doesn't use a move at the same time, I would be able to take her out!

"Eevee, use covet!" Flame said.

Just what I expected. I knew Flame wouldn't hold back.

Riolu was bolting toward Eevee, while Eevee was running toward Riolu with a smile on her face, just what a pokemon would do while using covet. The two hit each other, and a bunch of dust went flying everywhere in the air.

As the dust cleared out, Riolu and Eevee were both passed out, with swirls on their eyes. Flame and I walked over to our pokemon, and we picked them up.

"Riolu did well for it's first battle." Flame said.

"Thank you, Eevee, too." I replied.

Sneasel ran over to the battlefield, excited for his first battle. Pichu ran over to the battlefield as well.

"I will let you go first, since I went first in the last round. It will make it fair." I said.

"OK, Pichu use thundershock!" Flame said.

Sneasel was shocked by Pichu's thundershock, but he got up again. I can tell this Sneasel is feisty.

"Alright, Sneasel use scratch!" I said.

Sneasel ran head-on over to Pichu, and scratched Pichu's face. Pichu flopped down onto the ground, but got up again, very weak.

"OK, Pichu, this may not work, but use charm." Flame said.

Pichu's eyes started to shine, and he glared into Sneasel's eyes. Sneasel was glued onto Pichu, but not for long, as he started to shake his head left and right to get Pichu out of his head.

"Sneasel, it's our turn, use taunt!" I said. Pichu was trying to lower Sneasel's attack, and in case Pichu doesn't do that again, Sneasel uses taunt.

"I see what you did there," Flame said. "good move, but not good enough! Pichu, use thundeshock!"

Pichu shocked Sneasel again. Sneasel was losing health, but Sneasel got to his paws again, but his back was drooping down.

"Now, Sneasel, use scratch!" I said.

Sneasel ran over to Pichu, slower this time, and nipped Pichu, due to the effects of charm.

"Pichu, let's finish this up! Use thundershock!" Flame said.

Pichu grabbed onto Sneasel and gave a jolt of electricity. Sneasel fell backwards. I lost my first battle, how disappointing.

"Sneasel!" I yelled, running over to him. Riolu was on my left shoulder, resting. I picked up Sneasel and laid him down on my right shoulder.

"Not bad." Flame said.

I'm a sore loser, but this time I tried not to show it. The battle was fun, I enjoyed it. Flame was right, not bad, not bad at all.

"Thank you, you did well too!" I said.

I saw Stephanie behind Flame running over to me.

"Dim! The boat to Kalos is about to leave! You two Flame! Also Dim, your mom told me to bring your stuff over to you." Stephanie said.

The ship! I completely forgot! I took my bag from Stephanie and started running, Flame following.
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