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pokemon adventure: pokemon adventure chapter #3 The first town

by pangorolover321

pangorolover321 hi thanks for reading
I caught it Jake screamed. yeah your welcome blue said snottily. come on Jake said while entering viridian city. wow so many pokemon Jake said excitedly. blue sat there thinking of Sarah the person that got the other starter squirtle while a kid with a Pikachu walked near saying gotta catch emm all. Jake was talking to so many people and there pokemon while his bulbasaur was in the pokemart looking around with about 10 dollars in his mouth. blue had a strong love for Sarah but no one knew. a deep rain started and blue and Jake ran into a hotel but the door slammed behind them the lights turned off and Jake was gone...
  1. pangorolover321
    ooh red writing xD
    Mar 9, 2017
  2. pangorolover321
    that's the end i got bored so yeah if you were going to read the next one i am sorry but i will put out a new story that will hopefully be long and a good one but thanks for reading anyways
    Mar 9, 2017