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pokemon adventure: pokemon adventure chapter #1

by pangorolover321

pangorolover321 the first chapter of jake's adventure.
It was a cold night in pallet town. jake and his bulbasaur were messing around in his house until he heard some knocking on the door and though *mom can get it*. then he heard screaming and he and his bulbasaur ran down and his mom was gone! jake ran outside to prof. oak and asked if she had seen her and prof. oak said I had seen her a minute ago by the... blue ran in and stopped him from talking and screamed MY MOM AND MY SISTER ARE GONE!!! yeah mine toand then the lights were off and prof. oak was gone...

thank you so much for reading chapter 2 will probably come out by 10 am or so thanks for reading :)
  1. pangorolover321
    oops near the end of the chapter it says toand I meant to and XD
    Oct 31, 2016