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Pokemon Adventure: Book 1. A New Place (Not Proper Grammar)

by MaybeI'mATurtle

MaybeI'mATurtle Andrew woke up feeling dizzy. Andrew felt like he was spinning from head to toe. Andrew fell down just trying to stand up. Andrew wobbled and wobbled. He felt weird. But then he woke up for real. He had a weird dream. He walked to get his backpack. Then, walked out the door. He saw his friend, Evan. Andrew and Evan were both ten years old. There was a professor who lived across the street. His name was Professor Woodchick. Professor Woodchick gives away Pokemon to kids ten and older. Andrew didn't know what Pokemon were and weren't. He wanted to get one. He ran to the Woodchick Lab. Professor Woodchick said, "Hey Andrew! What are you doing here?" Andrew replied with, " I want a Pokemon. Can I please have one? " Professor Woodchick saw Evan walk in the door as he said, "Yes you can! But you need a rival. Hmm..." (To Be Continued)(Not art)