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Pokemon: A new Journey (Kanto) Chapter 1:

by NerdyNinja

Today was the day, He was finally going to be a Pkmn Trainer!
Austin woke up extra early, He went down to the table and got some breakfeast
"Prof.Oak called". His mother said.
"He said he wanted to meet you at his lab".
"Ok Mom"! Austtin said finishing up and running out the door.
Austin was so excited, today he could finally choose between 3 Pokemon:
Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.
Who Should I choose? Austin thought in his head,
"They're all quite good".
"Charmander, With it's hot Flames"!
"Or maybe Bulbasaur, It's tough".
"Squirtle's always cool too".
Austin finally made it to Oak's lab,
Austin noticed an elderly man in a white coat, with a Pidgey
"aah, Hello there". The man said.
"You must Be Austin correct"?
"Yes sir" Austin said.
"I have the Pokemon inside the lab".
And with that, they went inside the lab, Austin was amazed at how many Pokemon books there were.
Prof.Oak pressed a button and Three Pokeballs came out.
"In each of these Pokeballs, There is a pokemon inside them, have you thought about who will be your Pokemon"? Prof. Oak asked.
"Well, I have had some time to think about it".
Austin picked up the orange Pokeball it had A flame Seal on it.
"I think I'll go with Charmander". Austin said.
"Good choice". Prof. Oak said.
"Now take these, They're your Pokedex and Pokeballs".
"Cool! Thanks Prof"! Austin said grabbing the Items.
Austin left Prof. Oak's lab and took out the orange Pokeball
"C'mon Out Charmander"!
The Pokeball opened and a small orange lizard with a red flame came out.
"Char"? The creature said.
"Hey! I'm your new Trainer Austin". Austin greeted.
Charmander shook Austin's hand.
"Hmm... You need a cool Nickname". Austin said.
"How about... Red"?
Charmander shook it's head no.
"Ok, what about Pyrosaurus"?
Again no.
"Ok, how about something more like... Blaze"!
Charmander happily obliged and leapt onto Austin's shoulder.
"You and I are gonna go to The Pokemon Leauge Blaze, You up for it"
The charmander nodded as they headed for Viridian City.
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