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Pokemon 5 minute Poke-ball challange

by Teeter567

Teeter567 I've created a new challange, try it for yourself
The Pokemon "5 minute Poke-ball challenge" is a challenge where if any wild Pokemon caught in any kind of Poke-ball (except master ball) has a 5 minute expiration time, so how do you get through the game? You trade Pokemon or receive Pokemon from in-game NPCs, here is how to get a full team in Black and White:
Starter Pokemon can be obtained at the beginning of the game, there is a girl east of the first gym who will give you one of the elemental monkeys, south of the second gym there is a whorehouse where a trainer will trade a Cottonee for a Petilil or the other way around depending on which game you play, you can also get a fossil Pokemon by reviving one of the fossils from a backpacker in the Relic Castle, in route 7 you can trade a Boldore for an Emolga, and once you have surf, you can receive a Larvesta egg from a man in route 18.

So that is the challenge, of coarse it can be done in other Pokemon games (like Gold and Silver) but if you do accept this challenge tell me in the comments how it went by:
-Telling what game you played and what your Pokemon's summarys when you entered the hall of fame
-Leaving a link to any video/s you made doing a play-trough of this challange
or you can tell other people about it and sending me their links or summarys
Thanks for reading, Teeter out!
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  1. Teeter567
    ya i meant warehouse
    Jul 30, 2016
  2. Sam Miller
    Sam Miller
    you misspelled warehouse change it because the way you spelled it is inappropriate
    Jul 26, 2016