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Pokemon Mega Power: Pokemin Mega Power Part 2

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe PS. Starly's name is Cozet
So after you get to crowfoot city, which I forgot to mention in my last entry. You need to get to Mt. Burmite. So as I'm on my way, I find a Drilbur. So I think, Wynaut? (Pun intended). So I catch Drilbur. Then I go on my way. I blacked out.. ALOT. It took forever but I finally made it through all the trainers. So then you enter a cave with cool pokemon like Rhyhorn and Timburr. And of course, what's a cave in any official or fan-made Pokemon game without zubat. So I beat all the trainers and stuff. (The rest may not be chronological) So then I get out of the. cave and into the icy outside of the mountain. Then I find some decent Pokemon, but then I found a teddiursa. I was like "ERMAGERHD I MUST HAVE THIS!!!!!" So bam now their's a teddiursa on my team. So I go back into the cave. Then I battle a trainer. My one pokemon gets it to low health. But "it" was an onix. So I then sent out Cozet the Starly. I could barely beat it. Then Cozet was lvl 14. (I think you see where I'm going here) At the time, I didn't know when starly evolved. Then, it evolved into... STARAVIA!!!!!!!!!