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Pokefusions!: Pokefusions: Meowstic/Umbreon and Sewaddle/Caterpie

by zodiac_queen

zodiac_queen Here's the second piece in this little series! These are really helping with stress haha.

These Pokemon act as guides for others at night- specifically Cataddle/Sewpie, who are nocturnal Pokemon, despite the fact that this Pokemon has a clear weakness to it. Due to this anomaly of nature, the previously known as 'Guiding' Pokemon has been changed to the 'Night Light' Pokemon for it's glowing rings.
Other than that factor, it is commonly known that while owning a Meowbreon/Umstic is completely allowed, most people stay away from catching and domesticating them, as populations of Cataddle/Sewpie have become endangered in a time when Meowbreon/Umstic were commonly known as pets, due to their vulnerability during the night.



Cataddle/Sewpie are a very interesting lot. Born with patterns on it's body and head leaf, but no Pokemon researcher can find out where in Sewaddle or Caterpie history this comes from. These patterns are actually dotted onto Meowbreon/Umstic, as Cataddle/Sewpie see them as a sort of guardian angel, and replicate these patterns onto their personal lights.
This Pokemon, despite being nocturnal, can not see well in the dark. Relying on the light from Meowbreon/Umstic to find their way through the field in which they call home, and feign off predators due to the fact many Pokemon recognize Meowbreon/Umstic immediately. Now, why do the 'Night Light' Pokemon decide to help? Well, Cataddle/Sewpie aren't known as the 'Berry Finder' Pokemon for nothing, and the Cataddle/Sewpie repay their night lights with food.