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PokeFables: PokeFable 8: The Persian and the Old Ratatta

by CherryTheLiepard

There was once a Persian who was so watchful, that a Pikachu hardly dared show the tip of his whiskers for fear of being eaten alive. That Persian seemed to be everywhere at once with his claws all ready for a pounce. At last all the Pikachu kept so closely to their dens, that the Persian saw he would have to use his wits well to catch one. So one day he climbed up on a shelf and hung from it, head downward, as if he were dead, holding himself up by clinging to some ropes with one paw.

When a Pikachu peeped out and saw him in that position, he thought he had been hung up there in punishment for some misdeed. Very timidly at first he stuck out his head and sniffed about carefully. But as nothing stirred, he went out joyfully, thinking that the Persian has met his fate.

Just then the Persian let go his hold, and before the Pikachu recovered from his surprise, he had made an end for the little Pikachu.

Now all the Pikachu kept more strictly at home than ever. But the Persian, who was still hungry for more Pikachu, knew more tricks than one. Rolling himself in flour until he was covered completely, he lay down in the flour bin, with one eye open for more Pikachu.

Sure enough, another Pikachu soon began to come out, while an old Ratatta, who had had much experience with Predators and traps, and had even lost a part of his tail to pay for it, sat up at a safe distance from a hole in the wall where he lived.

"Take care!" he cried. "That may be a heap of meal, but it looks to me very much like the Persian. Whatever it is, it is wisest to keep at a safe distance."

Moral of the story: The wise do not let themselves be tricked a second time.