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Fakemon: Pokedex #001 Caiswamp, #002 Aligangster, #003 Swampasaur. Region : Zealion

by Luke The Riolu

Luke The Riolu Caiswamp : Caiswamp, the caiman Pokemon, these creatures dwell in rain swamps and sometimes inhabit rain forests, they are furocious hunters but they only feed on fish like Magikarps or Feebases.
Aligangster : Aligangster, the evolved form of Caiswamp, these crocadilians are known as "The Gangsters Of The Forest", they can be found using mud and drawing out graphites on the forests ground, finding one of them is a problem, they are night dwellers and are very dangerous, they will attack anything that enters thier habitat
Swampasaur : Swampasaur the giant Allosaur Pokemon, known as an acient species of Pokemon but they have survived by hiding on this very region, Tamed ones are called "Punks" due to thier behavior, doing the opposites of what you would tell them to do and misbehaving, if you would have a behaved Swampasaur the chances of that happening is 0.001%. Wild Swampasaurs however are very furocious hunters, they have no threat to us but to other tiny Pokemon they would swallow them whole, but beware there have been several deaths from wild Swampasaurs.

Alright now for the typings
Caiswamp : Grass
Aligangster : Grass Dark
Swampasaur : Grass Dark

Ability : Leaf Guard
Hidden Ability : Floral Burst (The flower of the Pokemon began to release an aroma that will drastically blinds the other Pokemon making thier Accuracy really low (Affected by Keen Eye, Clear Body))
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