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PokeBabies Comp. 2016! Sunny the Mareep

by LadyLucs

LadyLucs Gender: Male
Name: Sunny
Location: It was snowing heavily, and we were desperately searching for shelter for the raging winds and solidified water pellets slandering us from the sky. Snowpoint City, Shinoh, was only a few miles on wards, but we were worried about my friend's Leafeon, Boots, who was taking the snow hard. My friend had tried to return the grass type, but it's pokeball malfunctioned in the cold. I had clutched Sunny's egg close to my chest, under my jacket. I'd given up both my hat and scarf to try and fend off the cold from the Pokemon egg, and at first thought the glow coming from the encased Pokemon was the egg breaking from the freezing cold, but I was so utterly wrong. The egg cracked and a little blue leg popped out of the shell. We took cover under a cliff hanger, and watched in awed silence as another leg shattered the encasing, until a tail smashed the entire shell from the inside. I was in love the second the little ball of yellow fluff made his first "eep!"

Parents: His father was a mighty Agron who was powerful and strong. His mother was a lovely Flaffy who loved the sun. His father's massive sweeping tail made of iron and rock transferred to Sunny by allowing him to use the move Iron Tail from birth.

Ability: Static (learned that one the hard way. I never did allow my Glaceon to practice with Sunny ever again after that whole incident!)

Looks/Add-Ons: We had a few issues distinguishing him from my friends Mareep, Bounce. At first, we tried giving Bounce a collar, but the poor thing hated it. So, I tried putting a black bow tie on Sunny and he just adored it! I think he looks rather handsome with his little obsidian bow tie!
  1. Easton Driscoll17
    Easton Driscoll17
    Good job love how you did the end of the tail ;)
    Jul 1, 2016
    LadyLucs likes this.
  2. Zamcio
    Great job! :)
    Jun 25, 2016
    LadyLucs likes this.
  3. Storybook
    Can't resist leaving a comment on how cute he is :D
    Jun 25, 2016
    LadyLucs likes this.