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Poké Student: Chapter One

by Le Marsouin

Le Marsouin As a student enters a Pokémon school, he thinks that he is going to have a typical school year like the others, until the truth begins to unravel before him.
It was a rather chilly day in the forenoon skies, as the hail could be heard falling miles on end. A light blanket of rain covered the city of Ankoria, as the residents of Camtonia gear up against mother nature. A boy with his partner set out for their first day of school. The boy introduces himself with his orange kasaya with a penguin design on the front that exhibited resistance against the cold. His snowshoes roamed in the icy terrain, as his partner picks up an ID card that says the name, "Charles." He fell over after he took a glance at the card, as Charles catches him and exclaims, "Ahh! Piplup, are you okay buddy?!" He nodded over at Charles in hesitation, as his body trembled from the frigid weather. He looked over at the nearby building while Charles swaddled a blank around him. He noticed Charles gently placing him in his sling, as he curled in a ball while Charles scurried over to the building.

After some time had passed, Charles had made it to the building, as he felt a slight burning sensation on his left hand that felt like a heated needle that pierced his skin. He quickly blew on his left hand while he checked on Piplup. He sighed over at him, realizing that he was knocked out from the extreme weather. He approached over towards the door, as he noticed that the handle was almost frozen. He quickly forced the handle, yanking it in a swift tugging motion, as the door opened. He heard a distinct sound that came from above, as it sounded like something that cracked and popped about. He swiftly ran inside the building, as the ice fell from above! He slammed the door shut in a swift motion soon after, as a voice said from the nearby distance, "Oh boy, looks like someone else made it on time too. Well at least he's not looking too bad, I almost got my arm burned from the cold snow."

He ignored the distant voice, as he quietly walked over towards the Reception, while he said to the person, "Well hello, I am here to turn in the registration forms here. So how is your day here?" The person replied while she glanced over at Piplup, "Alright buddy, just give them to me and I'll do the rest here. My day's been fine here, at least I didn't get hit with ice like that boy did over there. Also, your little one there is kinda knocked out, is there something wrong? I can always show you where the Nurse is." Charles gave her his registration forms while the Piplup woke up and yawned. He said to her while Charles looked over at him, "Pip... Pip- Piplup!" She replied to him while she stamped the forms and filed them, "Okay, I think you might want to maybe just calm down here... the Nurse is on the right hallway, five doors down. You can't miss it, there's that sign above the door that stands out."Charles replied to her while she also gave him a card that faintly glimmered along with the bright lighting, "Alright thanks, my little Piplup here is a bit feisty, you'll get used to him after some time."

He walked towards the Nurse's office after putting the card in his bag, as he approached the pinkish door and opened it, while he noticed the Nurse with her Audino. He slowly strolled up to her and said, "Hello, I need to see you here... you see, Piplup is a little sick here, and he's not looking too good right now." The Nurse replied while the Audino around the counter and approached him, "Well if he needs to be treated, then I'll be more than happy to help! I just need the Piplup here so that I can help the little baby out." He nodded at her, as he gave her the Piplup, while she walked over towards a white door with Audino. He sat down in the waiting area while the Nurse and the other Pokémon went inside, as he heard a voice that came from the other room minutes later.

He said towards the direction of the voice while the door opened, "Umm... what is it? Can you say it again?" The Nurse replied to him, "Oh I kinda need your help since I have a rather bad feeling that he might try to run away when I do this." He replied to her while he walked inside the other room, "Uhh... sure then... so what's the matter here? Is he really sick or something?" He walked over towards Piplup while he took in an anxious breath, as he stroked his blue fur gently, while the Piplup blushed. He picked him up from the table and strode over towards a nearby chair. He sat down on its comfortable cushion that was as soft as the clouds, as he held Piplup in a tighter grip than usual. Piplup's eyes widened while they began to water like forming ponds, as he noticed the Nurse carrying something that looked rather familiar. It was a rather tiny tube-like appliance, as it had a small amount of green liquid inside, while the end had something thin and metallic that glimmered in the fluorescent light. He quickly realized that the Nurse was going to inject him with some medicine, as he emitted a fearful cry across the room! Charles knew that it was almost impossible to calm him at this point, as he continued to tighten his grip on him. The Nurse quickly injected him with the medicine, as he squealed from the sharp, burning pain that surged through his left arm! Tears rushed down his face like a waterfall, as Audino approached him and wrapped his arm snugly with the bandages.

Charles eased his grip on the crying Piplup, as he said to the Nurse and Audino while he walked out of her office, "Alright, well thank you. I am sorry since my Piplup is very fussy here when it comes to medicine and such. Also, thank you Audino." He waved at them while he walked over towards the Cafeteria, as he said to Piplup, "Shh... it's okay Piplup, it's over now. I understand that it hurts here, we're now going to get some nice breakfast." A moment later, he arrived at the Cafeteria, as he noticed that the menu looked rather odd. He said to himself while Piplup giggled, "Huh, everything is all like sugar and there's a lot of hot drinks." He carefully analyzed the menu, as he smiled in relief, knowing that there was a lot of items that Piplup would like. He noticed that there was no line, as he approached the Lunch Lady and said to her in a polite tone, "Alright, can I have two hot chocolates, two s'mores, and a vanilla bar?" She smiled at him, as she gave the items to them, while they were all in separate packages.

He went over towards a table, as he noticed someone that looked familiar. He sat down next to the person while she said to him, "Well hello Charles, I see that we've bumped into each other again. I'm Serena in case if you forgot me. This little fox here is Fennekin, she's got quite the drama and she can be really silly here." He replied to her while Piplup opened up a tiny package, "Well hello Serena, it's been a little while. The baby penguin that's on my lap eating a s'more right now is Piplup. He's pretty young here, he is very shy around others, and unfortunately he even hates the water which makes everyone laugh at him..." The four of them continued to converse happily, as they slowly ate their breakfast.

After they had finished their long conversation, the two parted ways, as Charles strolled over towards the elevator that was near the Reception. He pressed a large, gray button that was alongside of the door, as Piplup quietly growled from the slight pain in his left arm that lingered on. Seconds later, the doors opened, revealing a cubed like area while several gray buttons on the wall shined in the incandescent lighting. He walked inside the door while he pressed a button that the letters and digits read, "B3." The elevator quickly went down towards the destination, as Charles walked out happily the moment the elevator arrived at the desired floor. He went over to his room, as the room sign shined in a golden hue, as it read, "3715." He noticed that the door was significantly different than the other doors he saw, as there were an array of buttons that stared at him. He took out his room card from his bag, as he took a brief glimpse at it. He quickly punched in zero, three, nine, and three again at the buttons. A distinct click emitted from the lock, as he turned the handle that revealed their cozy room that they would be staying in.

Piplup smiled in joy, as the room had mostly everything that a student could have in their quarters, from the fridge filled with goodies, to the beds that were as soft as a fluffy cotton ball. Charles placed his bag down near the desk, as he took off his sling and placed it on the nightstand. He went onto his bed and lied on the soft mattress, as he took a brief nap with Piplup. He quietly snored about while Charles placed his left arm over his body, as he smiled and fell asleep with Charles soon after.
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