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Poke-Interviews: Episode 1- Bulbasaur to Venusaur

by TheHappyYamask2003

TheHappyYamask2003 Poke-Interviews launches its pilot episode! In this episode, we will be interviewing the Venusaur Family, number one through three in the Pokedex! Meet the host, Shado the Yamask, as he attempts to chat with each and every Pokemon in the Pokedex! That's right! All seven-hundred and twenty-one! How long will it take? Let's see!
{Just so you know, stuff in these brackets mean that I, the creator, and speaking to you. Good? K. Just so you know, this will be in a "play style format" i'll make things work like a talk-show, so let's start out! If I get 3 likes on this, I will make another one today!}

Shado: Welcome viewers to, Poke-Interviews! I am your host, Shado the Yamask!
*The crowd claps*
Shado: On today's very special pilot episode, we will be interviewing the first in the Pokedex, along with his evolutions! Welcome.... Bulbasaur!
* A Bulbasaur walks from the left of the stage, a wide grin on his face*
Shado: Hey there! Would you like to introduce yourself?
*The Bulbasaur sits down*
Bulba: Ok... So, my name is Bulba, i'm a Bulbasaur and... Yeah.
*Bulba sifts in her seat, showing signs of nervousness*
Shado: You Ok there?
*Bulba nods*
Bulba: Sorry, it's just. I've never really been in front of large crowds before.
Shado: Hey... To be honest, me neither, I'm just putting on a smile and hoping I get my paycheck.
*The crowd laughs*
Shado: So, how's life living in human care since birth?
Bulba: Well, I have been around humans my whole life and the breeders that took care of me were really nice...
Shado: They make you do any dirty work?
Bulba: Not any you need to know about.
*Crowd gasps and Bulbs flushes with embarrassment when she realizes what she implied.*
Shado: I... Just... Wow.
Bulba: Oh no! That's not what I meant at all!
Shado: K then... I was about to say...
*Shado shakes his head and chuckles*
Shado: So, you got any friends over at the daycare place?
Bulba: Ok, one, it's not a daycare, it's a breeding center.
Shado: Well excuse me... *sarcastically*
Bulba: A second, with the Grass vs. Fire Wars that happen over there, I wouldn't really put myself up to it.
*The crowd stands silent*
Shado: Would you care to explain to us about this... "Grass vs. Fire Wars" thing at the dayca- breeding center?
Bulba: Basically, I entered in the midst of it. Some other grass types told me it all started out as gossip but then they say some of the fire types started attacking them.
Shado: *An exasperated gasp* No!
Bulba: Well, that's what they said. It's probably all just tomfoolery. Besides, i've talked with some of the fire types and they said the Grass Types attacked them first.
Shado: Sounds crazy. How often do they fight.
Bulba: ALOT... I am always constantly there to try and be reasonable but they never listen.
Shado: Have you ever had any battling experience?
Bulba: Of course, i'm going to be a starter soon so I have to be at least prepared for that. All I really know is Tackle and Growl though, so not too much.
Shado: Ok Bulba, thanks for the talk.
Bulba: I guess it was fine talking to ya...
*Bulba struts off the stage to the left and leaves Shado in an exasperated shock as the crowd gasps and then laughs*
Shado: Now that's a character for ya! Next up is Bulba's sister! an Ivysaur!
*An Ivysaur slowly walks to the mat in the center from the same place Bulba left. She sits down looking big and proud*
Ivy: Hey Shado. I'm Ivy, Bulba's sister.
Shado: What's up!? How's it like being a teenager?
Ivy: Don't bring up stuff that doesn't apply to me.
*Everyone gasps*
Shado: Ok, Ms. Ivy, You know any good moves?
Ivy: Take Down... Poison Powder... Leech Seed... Cut. The usual for a Grass Type like me.
Shado: How's Bulba like? Do you two do much together?
Ivy: Yeah... She acts a bit too smart for her age, but I guess she kinda is... Most Bulbasaurs are always a bit more... Sensical than other starters.
Shado: So, you are saying that basically you're the smartest?
Ivy: Not exactly... Just that we think before we leap in a sense. Charmanders are a bit too loyal and just may make poor decisions at times while Squirtles... Well they're just spoiled little brats.
Shado: You know anything about the "Grass vs Fire Wars" Bulba was talking about?
Ivy: Oh yeah... Probably more than she does because I was there the entire time.
Shado: What do you know?
Ivy: That it's stupid and just nonsensical.
Shado: How so?
Ivy: It basically just started because a breeder had made more Fire Types than Grass Types one day and the Grass types got jealous. Then the fire types just tried to stop them from making any rash decisions but then the grass types attacked them.
Shado: So the Grass Types started it all?
Ivy: Pretty much...
Shado: Well thanks for your contribution to clear that up. Got any last words to say to our viewers?
Ivy: Don't be stupid. It gets you nowhere.
*Ivy walks to the right entrance and off the stage*
Shado: Our last guest today, is the two's father! Venusaur!
*A Venusaur stomps onto the stage, causing the auditorium to shake a little*
Shado: So, state your name.
Veese: I'm Veese. That's all I really have to say. I work at the Breeding Center sometimes but besides that, i'm mostly just... outside... Doing things.
Shado: You mean napping?
Veese: Wait what?
Shado: Bulba and Ivy somehow got the breeders to give them a video recorder and recorded you napping for an entire 4 hours.
Veese: You're kidding me right?
Shado: Nope.
*The giant screen behind them shows a video of Veese on a patch of grass, snoring*
Shado: As snug as a Bug Type in a rug...
*The crowd laughs as Veese blushes slightly*
Veese: Those kids are so grounded...
Shado: So, how do they behave? Besides... What happened there?
Veese: Usually they're very nice girls. Sometimes they are a bit mischievous... like now... But they are kids. What ya gonna do?
Shado: Ever hear about the Wars they've been talking about?
Veese: War? I haven't seen a war since I was still a Bulbasaur!
Shado: Nevermind then... It's just a kid thing.
Veese: They probably didn't get involved with it anyways. If anything, i'd expect them to be trying to resolve it.
Shado: They do seem to be the only sane ones there. So, the breeders got you doing any jobs for them?
Veese: That depends what you mean. On one hand, I don't have many, maybe calming down some baby Pokemon with my sleep powder and on the other hand... I'll probably not talk about that with kids around.
*The crowd laughs*
Shado: It was surely fun talking to you and your family. Hope you have a good day!
Veese: You too.
*Veese stomps back in the same direction he came from*
Shado: And that was our pilot episode! Come back next time where we talk with the Charmander family!