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Poké Haikus

by Yuki no Hana

Yuki no Hana Just a short selection of Haikus about Pokémon
Burn like Flareon
Swim off like Vaporeon
Shock like Jolteon

Gardevoir glides past
Its mind clear sharp and waiting
For the next weak foe

Kings and Queens rule all
Odd to think that they came from
The same type of child

A child lost in
A quiet gloomy forest
Phantump took their place

Slowpoke fishing well
Men in black approach them and
They will fish no more

Day and Night oppose
Espeon and Umbreon
Both born of friendship

Bellsprout sway in peace
The tower following them
Copy forever

Magikarp laughed at
Just wait for a storm to come
Gyarados awaits
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