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Poem for Her

by HeartlessNobody

HeartlessNobody Not really sure who it is about, just kinda came to me. >_<
When we are together I feel like new
For life without you would be oh so blue.
You are an angel ever so sweet
You make my heart skip a beat.
I feel so warm when you are near
Your beautiful laugh fills me with cheer.
Your smile gleams on leading the way
You help me go through the vigorous day.
Your loving care makes you so great
Meeting you I know was fate.
You are so beautiful both inside and out
When you are away I want to cry and shout.
We sit and talk till it is late
When we aren’t I impatiently wait.
When you are by my side as we lay
I can’t even think of a better day.
Losing you is my greatest fear
For I hold you ever so dear.
Since our love is no simple feat
This is something I want to tell you every time we meet.
Something that will forever ring true
I love you. ♡
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