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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Dreams!: PMD:EoD Part VI

by GamingGrovyle64

GamingGrovyle64 EXPLORERS OF DREAM IS BACK! Im so sorry that It took forever for the next part to come out... .m. Ive decided that Ill post a new EoD every Friday and Tuesday .u. So 2 parts a week. Sound good, right? Plus, you guys mght hate me for 1. Putting up a short story and 2. For leaving you all on a cliffhanger...Well hey, Storys go up every Friday and Tuesday. It wont be long .u.
| "You cant escape..."
"Give up and join us..."
"N-No! Leave me alone!" Zack was hearing voices, all around him while he was running, trying to get away from the voices.
"Join us..."
Those 2 words kept chanting and chanting, louder and louder.
Zack was crying now. He contuined to run till he tripped on something. He lands on the ground, on his back. He tried scooting away. "No,No, NO!"
The voices got closer, and closer.
"NO! NOOO!" |

"AHH!" Zack sat up, crying. Tears went down his face. "W-What kind of N-Nightmare was that..." He said to himself, in a quiet voice. Zack looks at himself again, to make sure he wasnt dreaming still. "Still a Treecko..." He then flopped back down on his bed. He didnt want to go back to sleep now...He was afraid he was going to have another bad dream. But he felt so tired. Zack gave up and prayed he didnt have another bad dream, and fell dead asleep.